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How We Live is What Makes us Real

First things first, a big THANK YOU for stopping by and especially for clicking onto this particular page (unless you clicked on this bit by accident, in which case, hmmm, this is awkward, you can leave now).

This blog was established by yours truly in 2010 under a completely different name and has since had more styles, themes and makeovers than the queen of pop herself, Madonna. I started blogging as a 24 year old clueless girl and I am now blogging as a 32 year old slightly less clueless woman.

I really struggled to identify who I was in my twenties, which can probably be seen throughout this blog if you delve deep enough; in fact it was only going into my thirties that I really began to understand who I am as a person. Since becoming a thirty-something woman (and therefore a thirty something blogger) I’ve found so many more passions in my life which I now love to share on such as running marathons, travelling alone and cooking vegan food – three things I once thought I would NEVER EVER do!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found it a lot easier to discuss my mental health on my blog and talk openly and honestly about things such as anxiety, heartbreak and body image. And I plan to continue those discussions. I want this space to not only be my space to talk bravely about these things, but yours too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around. Gotta question? Tweet me at @hannahbananabl or drop me an email at