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My 2016 in Travel

December 27, 2016

2016. What a disaster of a year. Not only because all the celeb deaths made it feel like we were living in a yearlong episode of Game of Thrones, but 2016 was a tough year for me personally. It all kicked off in the worst way possible, with my Grandads funeral in early Jan, in fact he died one year ago today (#RIPGranddad). And the year just continued…

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What I’m Packing for South America

October 22, 2016
what to pack for south america backpacking - peru, bolivia, chile, argentina, uruguay

The first time I went backpacking you wouldn’t believe some of the crap I packed in my rucksack – a whole selection of evening wear, enough make-up to cake up Katie Prices face and book upon book upon book (tip: just download the kindle app on your phone and save yourself chronic backache) it was seriously ridiculous! Fortunately I learnt (the hard way) what NOT to take on…

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Turning Japanese at Hyper Japan

July 17, 2016

Next year I will travel Japan. I will set off to the land of the rising sun and I will live and breathe Japanese for as long as the country will have me (or as long as I can afford it). I will eat fresh sushi at 5am from the Tsukiji Market, I will run across the Shibuya crossing, I will see Mount Fuji with my very own…

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A Fabulous February • Blogger Event Round Up

March 4, 2016

My YouTube channel so far has been a mixture of tutorials and recipes but its not hard to see that it’s mainly channel of travel vlogs; most of which include as little face to camera action as possible, think less me more ‘look at this beach’. What you won’t find on there is daily or weekly vlogs. I’ve never been one to vlog properly or to do many…

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Video: The Valentines Proposal on Sydney Harbour

February 9, 2016

The Beard and I never planned to have a long engagement, it just sort have happened that way. Life got in the way, we made other plans, went on trips, holidays and ended up spending money on other things (we’re terrible at saving!) We’ve been engaged for two years now, it’s the anniversary this Valentines and I’ll be honest, it’s very easy to forget what being engaged actually means.…

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Video: How to make a Winter Warmer Vegtable Broth

November 16, 2015

My immune system is rubbish when it comes to fighting off pesky bugs and colds. Which means that it’s only mid-November but I’ve already caught the flu (twice!) and will no doubt catch it a couple more times over the Winter period. Which is great because that runny nose, puffy eyed, flem gob is such an attractive look to have for party season. But one good thing that…

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A taste of Japan #SeafoodWeek

October 16, 2015

YO! Sushi 15 Woodstock Street, London, W1c 2AQ Anyone who knows me understands I have a deep and meaningful relationship with Sushi. When I lived in Melbourne, Australia, I worked next to a Sushi place and had Crab & Avocado California rolls EVERY DAY for my lunch. And I’ve been known to eat up to 30 Salmon maki rolls in one sitting – yup, greedy greedy greedy!…

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Video: How to make Bulletproof Coffee

October 12, 2015

I’m a little late to the Bulletproof Party, but so glad I joined! Last week I finally tried the new coffee recipe that fitness fanatics have been going crazy for – Bulletproof coffee. Thanks to the team over at Kerrygold, Ireland’s favorite butter, this controversial coffee trend worked it’s way into my kitchen, and I’m pretty certain it will be staying there. In other words, I am totally…