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Storytime: Travel Terrors & Holiday Horrors

April 14, 2016

Ever jetsetted off to a dream destination only to be hit by such bad turbulence that you wish you had stayed at home? Or perhaps you’ve woken up from a dreamy nap on a beautiful beach during a holiday, only to quickly realise that the boat has left without you and you literally are stranded on a dessert island? These Holiday Horrors, Travel Terrors, Backpacker f*** ups, whatever you…

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Seven Minutes in Thailand

June 30, 2015

Last week I spoke about the joys of finding our Great Barrier Reef snorkeling pictures a year after we thought we had left the disc in Australia. Well, since then I’ve been on a bit of a roll with digging out my backpacker photos and vlogs. My wonderful tech-wizard of a boyfriend even managed to get all my files off my broken laptop and put them on my…

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How to Slide Down a Waterfall

May 12, 2015

Sliding down a waterfall – not something you would probably do much of here in the UK. Not that our Waterfalls aren’t good enough, they are beautiful, but we’d probably freeze our arses off, have to push ourselves off a sheer drop and no doubt crash land onto a heap of rocks. But in the deep jungle of South East Asia there are lots of small and serene…

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Nine Thailand Must Do’s

June 17, 2014

I’m always getting asked what my favourite part of Asia was, but of the four Asian countries I visited (China, Thailand, Laos & Vietnam) I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. Each were amazing for such different reasons. But as I have decided to discuss some actual travelling on this weeks Backpacker Life post I thought I would discuss Thailand. When I think about Thailand there is only one…