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Finding myself on Colca Canyon

January 24, 2017
Hiking Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru - Adventure Travel

Spending a weekend hiking a canyon and sleeping in a hut with a group of strangers is not something I would have ever thought I would be interested in. But something important I learned about myself throughout the horrific year of 2016 is that I’m not the same person I was three years ago. And so despite last year being an incredibly tough year, it needed to happen,…

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Living like a local on Lake Titicaca

January 10, 2017
Views from Top of Mount Pachamamma, Island Amantani on Lake Titicaca, Mother Earth. Silhouette

Living like a local on Lake Titicaca … trying say that three times at super speed. Lake Titicaca is big-ass lake shared by Peru and Bolivia. To get to the Lake from the Peruvian side you have to travel to Puno, which I did from Cusco and it was a rather pleasant seven hour drive (one of my shorter bus journeys of my South America trip, would you…

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The Inca way of life

November 24, 2016

Do you ever have one of those days where your already running super late and then you go and spill your Costa Cappacino all over your brand new New Look coat, and you think to yourself ‘Why me?’ Or perhaps you lose your freakin’ temper so badly because your laptop disconnects from the dodgy wifi just as you were about to book those on-sale flights, and now you…

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Chocolate Making at Museo de la Coca

November 18, 2016

If you find yourself in Cusco, Peru, and are looking to kill a few hours (whilst also looking to feed yourself something delightful) I suggest you get yourself down to to Museum De la Coca, also known as Choco Museum. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Two blocks from the central Plaza De Armas, this heavenly chocolate must-do, offers chocolate shopping, chocolate tours, mini chocolate workshops and two…

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Cusco: Alpaca Dramas & Guinea Pig Guilt

November 11, 2016

If your headed to Peru to do Machu Picchu, the inca trail or Rainbow mountain, your more than likely to be headed to Cusco first. So a little tip: make sure you add on a few extra days to actually explore this wonderful city. It’s a vibrant and beautiful place and a must do for any backpacker visiting this part of the world. I was Cusco bound on…

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I didn’t make a baby, but I did make it to Machu Picchu

November 4, 2016

There are currently babies flying out of everyone I know. I guess I’m at that age. Relatives, friends, randoms I friended on Facebook six years ago after meeting at a gig, yup, everyone’s starting a family. But I’m not. As I’m not a mother, nor am I pregnant, I can’t say I know how it feels to be in that position, the position of holding your little bundle…

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Lonely to Lovely • Lima, Peru

November 3, 2016
Peru food

It took me 24 hours, two plane rides, a lot of turbulence and a little bit of vomit to get myself to Lima, Peru. But I did it. And I did it all by myself. Despite only a few hours sleep and my rather unexpected travel sickness, I was buzzing like a bee when I got off my plane. Adrenaline was coursing through my body & my hands…

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What I’m Packing for South America

October 22, 2016
what to pack for south america backpacking - peru, bolivia, chile, argentina, uruguay

The first time I went backpacking you wouldn’t believe some of the crap I packed in my rucksack – a whole selection of evening wear, enough make-up to cake up Katie Prices face and book upon book upon book (tip: just download the kindle app on your phone and save yourself chronic backache) it was seriously ridiculous! Fortunately I learnt (the hard way) what NOT to take on…