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Storytime: Travel Terrors & Holiday Horrors

April 14, 2016

Ever jetsetted off to a dream destination only to be hit by such bad turbulence that you wish you had stayed at home? Or perhaps you’ve woken up from a dreamy nap on a beautiful beach during a holiday, only to quickly realise that the boat has left without you and you literally are stranded on a dessert island? These Holiday Horrors, Travel Terrors, Backpacker f*** ups, whatever you…

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Falling in Love with in Amsterdam

February 21, 2015

For the last few days of January, the Beard and I flew to Amsterdam for a bit of a mini-break (although I do hate that term). What was originally a Christmas present from me to him, turned out to be a January-Blues life saver for both of us. I’d never considered booking a holiday in January before, but our little trip gave our bleak January a big boost!…