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Putting German things in my Mouth

March 20, 2016

German food is Amazing – Weird but Amazing! I’m not sure I’d be able to tackle everything on the menu, but there were certainly a few tasty treats that I absolutely loved. This took me by surprise after last years night out at Bierschenke left me feeling edibley-confused (great place for Beer but I actually ate lard that night). But clearly I had been ordering the wrong grub,…

Germany Travel

Berlin: Beautiful, Dark & Stormy

March 15, 2016

My first impression of Berlin was ‘Cute Houses’. As we trained it from Berlin Airport to the city centre we sped past adorable country homes all with incredibly high peaked rooftops, like the kind you would draw as a child when you painted a house for your Mum to stick proudly on the fridge. They were beautiful. However, as we got closer to the city the pretty pointy country…