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My Secrets of China

September 29, 2015
secrets of china tink jayne

On Sunday, in my slightly hungover state, I decided to finish watching a BBC Three series called ‘Secrets of China’. I’d seen Episode One a few weeks earlier and really enjoyed it, and so decided that watching Episodes Two and Three with a Chocolate Twirl and a big bag of Quavers seemed like a great way to spend my Sunday afternoon. And it was. Over the course of…

China Travel

Beijing on a Budget

July 29, 2014

Last week I took you guys through Sydney on a budget, which was actually relatively easy considering how expensive it can be. This week I take you through the first city I found myself in on my backpacking adventure, therefore the one I’ll always have a soft spot for, the Amazing and dynamic city of Beijing… Walk around That’s all it takes to get soaked up in the…

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Photo Diary No.22 • China • Part 2

April 19, 2013

… Whilst I was in Beijing I got to celebrate my Birthday. First my boyfriend paid for me to get pampered at a spa, then we took a very cultural trip to The Forbidden City, followed by rooftop cocktails watching the Sunset over Beijing. In the evening it was more drinking (obviously!) followed by a night of dancing at a Beijing nightclub. Birthday Breakfast // My Beijing manicure…

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Photo Diary #23: CHINA PART ONE

April 19, 2013

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back onto the blogging scene, my first two weeks as a backpacker have been completely crazy. I’m currently sat in my Bangkok hostel with Larzy, the sweltering heat is getting to us so we are taking it easy tonight. So with a night off I thought what better time to abuse the free Wifi and get blogging. My first week of…