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Finding Flaws in Valparaiso

March 21, 2017
Valparaiso Street Art and Grafitti and Dog

From the moment I checked into my Santiago hostel, everyone kept telling me I had to make a trip to Valparaiso, a small but colourful coastal city less than two hours away. Everyone bar the hostel owner that is. “Valparaiso is too dirty for me,” Ivan told me one night over a glass bottle of red wine at the hostel barbecue. “It used to be nice but not…

Chile Travel

The one where I was kidnapped in Chile

March 14, 2017
Tornado Drink Chile Santiago

Travelling with anxiety leaves you feeling a little more wary of strangers than your average backpacker. It also means you check your bag is zipped up a trillion times a day, check your passport is still in your pocket every three minutes, and you usually arrive to airports, bus stops and train stations waaaaaaay too early. This was me during my time in Peru. However, by the end…

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What I’m Packing for South America

October 22, 2016
what to pack for south america backpacking - peru, bolivia, chile, argentina, uruguay

The first time I went backpacking you wouldn’t believe some of the crap I packed in my rucksack – a whole selection of evening wear, enough make-up to cake up Katie Prices face and book upon book upon book (tip: just download the kindle app on your phone and save yourself chronic backache) it was seriously ridiculous! Fortunately I learnt (the hard way) what NOT to take on…