Style Win

£90 Worth of Luxemme Fashion Vouchers up for grabs [closed]

December 9, 2015

Luxemme are the fab fashion brand that love to give back, especially at Christmas. Last year they worked with various charities to deliver free clothing to those in need at Christmas, including orphaned children, homeless people, and lonely elderly people. What a wonderful thing to do. As well as continuing with their fantastic charity work, this year Luxemme want to spread the love even further and so have…

Style Travel

Packing for Paris #CityBreakStyle

April 15, 2015

Travel Supermarket asked ten bloggers, including me, if we could style a weekends worth of outfits for a potential city break for their #CityBreakStyle challenge. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The real challenge is that we would only be allowed to take hand luggage. Each blogger was given a destination to work with, and all ten entries are to be judged by expert Stylist Nicole Smallwood and the winner…

Beauty Style

Big Bun in 60 Seconds

March 30, 2015

I’ve been loving wearing my hair in a big bun lately (or a Big Fat Scouse Bun as I prefer to call it). I’ve had a lot of lovely comments on it, and most the popular has been “That must have taken you ages.” The opposite. This hair style is one of the quickest styles to do and it literally takes one minute. If you don’t believe me then…

Pleasure Style

The Bag that goes in your Bag

February 16, 2015

For Christmas my Sister got me this very pretty Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetics case, and I got a navy one for my Mum. Although it’s a make-up bag my Sister told us she uses hers to hold her phone, keys and other ‘handbag bits’ that normally get lost in her bag. I decided to do the same rather than use it for my make-up (it was too pretty…

Pleasure Style

My #SimplyBeReal Moment

January 25, 2015

I think I’ve spent most of my adult life embarrassing myself. Shameful moments seem to be my thing, from constantly falling down the stairs as a not-so sober student, to more recently addressing a large group of colleagues in a formal meeting with big black Sushi seeds stuck in my teeth! But it’s okay because that’s real life, and these things happen. And one team of people who…