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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Flat Lays

May 9, 2016

Last week my Sister got married. As Bridesmaid, Sister and Best Friend to the Bride, I assured her I would be there for her on the morning of her Wedding, to help with whatever she wanted or needed me to do. I was ready and willing to do babysitting, breakfast fetching, hair pinning and more. But what did she want? Flat lays. Lots of pretty wedding flat lays…

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A Guide to the DIY Writing Retreat

April 20, 2016
DIY Writing Retreat Writers How to write

Want to write a book? A short story? Maybe you’ve got a dissertation your struggling to finish or perhaps an article, a pitch, a project of some sort you need to get stuck into, but you just have too many distractions? Well I’ve got just the thing… Earlier this year I looked into going on a Writing Retreat to help get the ball rolling, or should I say…

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DIY Winter Gothic Floral Headband

November 24, 2015
DIY Floral crown head band hair band piece wedding bridesmaid bride

When I found the outfit I wanted to wear to the #CosmoBlogAwards (this gorgeous New Look Black Metallic Strappy Flared Jumpsuit) I knew I wanted to team it with a floral headband. The look I was going for was sort of Winter Garden Gothic, and I wanted a floral crown to really make it work. But when I looked online I couldn’t believe some of the prices –…

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Creating my very own Blog Corner

September 10, 2015

Now that I am officially self-employed and will mostly be working from my home (if you haven’t caught up my bigΒ news, then I insist you go back a post and read all about it) I knew I would need a decent work space. If you readΒ this blog regularly then you are no stranger to my London rent rants and probably already know that I live in a very…

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How to Make Space in a Small Flat

June 25, 2015

London rent is high, super-duper high! And earning a decent wage in London can make little difference to your living situation. When the Beard and I were looking for a flat to rent together last year, our dream of a spacious one bedroom flat with a lovely garden quickly became a nightmare when we realised just how much that dream would cost us. And a garden? Ha! No…

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DIY Marbling with Kirstie Allsopp

December 21, 2014

The main reason I was keen to try out the marble effect is because I wanted a nicer, lighter backdrop for photographing small items on, such as make-up or accessories. My entire flat is all dark wood, bar one (quite dirty) white table. But I love the idea of the products looking like they are lying on a colourful and cool marble surface. Plus, I’ve been wondering for…