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Happy Lists

The Happy Monday List | No.12

August 14, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of The Monday List, number 12 to be precise. It’s that time when I’m in a good mood and actually feel positive about it being Monday so have written another (well overdue) list of random bits and bobs that I’ve recently been liking, using, eating and things that have just genuinely put a smile on my face… Regents Park I’ve started…

Happy Lists

The Monday List No.11

March 6, 2017

I was almost scared to write this next sentence in case I jinxed myself and brought the curse of 2016 back from the dead, but *braces herself* 2017 is really shaping up to be a good year! There, I said it. Let’s face it, last year was crappy. Crap crap crappy. Made even crappier by my crappy end to the crappy year followed by a bit of a…

Happy Lists

The Monday List No.10

January 30, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s been a while since I blabbed on here and I just felt like writing a bit of a chatty-type post, so a Monday List was definitely in order. How is everyone? And by the way, how is it almost February already?? Despite being a bit of an unemployed bum, this month has still gone super-fast for me. Before we know it we’ll be putting…


Made in Liverpool TV • Live at the Dock

January 17, 2017

Despite growing up in Liverpool, returning to my home city to start fresh has felt somewhat strange. In some ways it feels like I’m living in a brand new city, it all feels unknown to me, and in terms of blogging in Liverpool I’ve definitely felt a bit out the loop. So when I found out I’d been invited the Albert Dock for Made in Liverpool, a TV…

Happy Lists

The Monday (but really Tuesday) List No.9

November 22, 2016

Greetings from Argentina! I am currently writing this post from the city of Mendoza, Argentina, from the comfort of my hostel sofa as I nurse a nasty cold *sniffle sniffle* Of course, by the time you are reading this I will be riding a bicycle around Mendoza’s wine country. No amount of sneezing, coughing or spluttering can get in the way of me and wine (not sure how…

Happy Lists

The Monday List No.8

August 22, 2016

Overdue is an understatement when it comes to the lack of Monday lists on my blog over the last few months. And if you read my last post you might understand why. But as I begin a brand new chapter in my life, I’m determined to make it a positive one, starting with the return of Happy Monday lists – a list of things that have recently made…

Events Travel Vlogs

Turning Japanese at Hyper Japan

July 17, 2016

Next year I will travel Japan. I will set off to the land of the rising sun and I will live and breathe Japanese for as long as the country will have me (or as long as I can afford it). I will eat fresh sushi at 5am from the Tsukiji Market, I will run across the Shibuya crossing, I will see Mount Fuji with my very own…

Featured Pleasure

Dear Miranda Hobbes…

May 20, 2016

Dear Miranda, I owe you one big fat apology… As a teenage girl I watched you and your three best friends strutt across my screen every week, demonstrating to the world that women can have sex just like a man, we can talk like a man, and proving that unmarried women in their 30’s are not dried-up old spinsters who have something wrong with them, but they are simply…

Happy Lists

The Monday List No.7 (plus a little catch up)

May 16, 2016

Happy Monday to all of you near and far. How is life? Life for me is good…ish. If I’m being honest, I’m a bit caught up at the moment with the whole job, career, what is my futrure aspect of my life. You may remember I quit my job last year to pursue blogging and writing, but then I began freelancing back in January for extra (and much…

Food Pleasure

How to turn your Coffee into a Cocktail

May 11, 2016
Coffee Cocktail, Baileys, Coffee Cocktail Baileys Recipe, How to drink Baileys,

We drink it hot, we drink it cold, we even drink it on ice. We have it black, white, bitter, sweet, creamy, full-fat & skinny. We love our coffee art, our coffee cakes and even our coffee ice-cream. This caffeinated beverage is no longer just something to wash down your cornflakes with, for many it is a morning, afternoon and evening beverage needed to help us function. We are so…