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My Life

My Life

My Valentines Vows … to myself

February 13, 2018

For the first time in a long time I have decided to write about Love. I didn’t talk about Love last year. In fact I completely skipped Valentines due to the fragile state I was in, I couldn’t even look at the L world, let alone talk about it. But this year I actually want to write about Love. Because … I’ve decided to get married. To myself.…

My Life Veganuary

I’m becoming a vegan, not joining a cult

February 1, 2018

So, #Veganuary is over. I made it through the wilderness, bar a two day slip up when I was away in the arse-end of nowhere for an event staying at a hotel that offered zero vegan options (bar a bowl of leaves). For the remaining 28.5 days of January I managed to eat vegan. According to the vegan calculator my month of Veganuary had the following impact: I’ve saved…

My Life Running

My 2017 Jigsaw: Mental Health & Marathons

December 28, 2017

“I realised I was far more determined than I ever thought possible.” As if I’d let 2017 slip by without writing something about this rollercoaster of a year. I mean, I know I’ve been really really crap at blogging recently, and that’s all about to change (don’t roll your eyes at me, I’m serious, I’ll get better) but I couldn’t end the year without writing a big ol’…

My Life Travel

Travel Update: WTM 2017, future travel plans + winning my first ever Travel Blog Award

November 7, 2017

I’m sat writing this post on a bed covered with travel catalogues, city maps and activity agendas for destinations around the world. I’ve got one leg spread across Tokyo and a bum cheek in Barcelona. I have literally just returned home from a hectic – but totally inspiring – 90 minute visit to the 2017 World Travel Market at the London Excel, and I felt the urge to…

Ireland Marathon Training My Life Running Travel

Be part of my Live Dublin Marathon Experience

October 26, 2017
Marathon Training, Running, Fitbit

It’s happening! It’s finally here. *Gulp* This weekend I head to Dublin to run my second marathon and I want you to enjoy the experience with me. As you may already know from my Instagram posts, training for marathon no.2 has not gone as well as training for marathon no.1. There are multiple reasons excuses for my lack of training – a hectic work load, bad planning, the…

My Life

Past, Present & Future

August 4, 2017

Its so typical of me that I would rebrand my whole blog and then fall radio silent on the bloody thing! It’s been exactly two months since my last blog post, making it possibly my biggest break from blogging since 2012. But do you know what? I needed it. 2016 wasn’t the kindest year to me, and 2017 was always going to be all about rebuilding myself back…

My Life

Who is Hannah Banana?

May 28, 2017
Hannah Banana Blog Pink Flatlay

So, it’s official! I’ve waved farewell to Tink Jayne, I’ve shed my skin, re-birthed, rebranded, matured, whatever you want to call it (although matured probably isn’t the right word seeing as I still laugh at strangers when they fall over in the street). No, that’s it, no more Tink Jayne, I am now me – Hannah! (….ahem, with added Banana, because a) I love banana flavoured things, but…

My Life

30 Things I Learnt at 30 Years Old

April 12, 2017

Last weekend it was my 31st Birthday and I celebrated it in one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris! Only it wasn’t a loved up weekend with flowers, proposals or champagne (okay, maybe a little champagne) but instead a weekend of sweat, blood and tears as I spent my 31st birthday fiercely fighting for my first ever marathon medal. I may not have had…