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Health & Fitness

Running Sierra Leone

I’m Running the Worlds Craziest Marathon! West Africa, Here I Run…

May 18, 2018

Click here to donate to this amazing cause and sponsor me on my craziest run to date! “The craziest but most worthwhile marathon…” – Runners World Magazine, 2017 In a matter of days I will be in Amsterdam airport, preparing to board a seven hour flight to a part of the world I have never before touched down in; to take part in an adventure I never imagined I…

Food Running

Your London Marathon Medal is a Golden Ticket to Foodie Heaven

April 16, 2018

The expression “you deserve a medal” is never more true than after completing a marathon. But I believe you deserve more than a piece of race day bling after running a very tough 26.2 miles – and it seems the London foodie scene agrees with me. Complete the London marathon this Sunday and your finishers medal becomes your golden ticket to foodie heaven. I’ve hunted down the London…

Food Veganuary

A Vegan Life Live Giveaway

February 7, 2018
Vegan Life Live - Vegan Festival - Alexandra Palace - London - Veganuary

Fancy heading to Vegan Life Live this weekend? I’ve got a pair of weekender tickets to giveaway for all you vegans, veggies or even if you’re just a foodie. This two day event takes place at Alexandra Palace (10th & 11th Feb 10am – 5pm) and showcases more than 200 vegan-friendly exhibitors who all recommended arriving on empty stomachs! From vegan döner kebabs, pizzas and pies, to vegan…

My Life Veganuary

I’m becoming a vegan, not joining a cult

February 1, 2018

So, #Veganuary is over. I made it through the wilderness, bar a two day slip up when I was away in the arse-end of nowhere for an event staying at a hotel that offered zero vegan options (bar a bowl of leaves). For the remaining 28.5 days of January I managed to eat vegan. According to the vegan calculator my month of Veganuary had the following impact: I’ve saved…

Health & Fitness Veganuary

Merry Veganuary and Happy New Rear??

December 31, 2017
Salad, vegan, veganism, veganuary, flatlay

January. It’s the month millions of gym memberships are born (and later abandoned), it’s the month many of us vow to go dry for 31 days, and it’s the month we all make promises to change our lives for the better. Well, in my usual dramatic fashion, I’ve taken it one step further this year. I’m already mocking myself for the horrifically hipster sentence I’m about to type,…

My Life Running

My 2017 Jigsaw: Mental Health & Marathons

December 28, 2017

“I realised I was far more determined than I ever thought possible.” As if I’d let 2017 slip by without writing something about this rollercoaster of a year. I mean, I know I’ve been really really crap at blogging recently, and that’s all about to change (don’t roll your eyes at me, I’m serious, I’ll get better) but I couldn’t end the year without writing a big ol’…

Ireland Marathon Training My Life Running Travel

Be part of my Live Dublin Marathon Experience

October 26, 2017
Marathon Training, Running, Fitbit

It’s happening! It’s finally here. *Gulp* This weekend I head to Dublin to run my second marathon and I want you to enjoy the experience with me. As you may already know from my Instagram posts, training for marathon no.2 has not gone as well as training for marathon no.1. There are multiple reasons excuses for my lack of training – a hectic work load, bad planning, the…

Food Smoothies

The Energy Smoothie (that taste like cookie dough ice cream)

October 23, 2017

This recipe comes fresh from one of my spontaneous ‘F*@$ it! Chuck in whatever I have in the kitchen’ moments. I’ll be honest, the outcome of these moments aren’t always 100% edible (blueberries and instant coffee – what was I thinking?) But not this time. This time I somehow managed to create a delicious concoction with a flavour and texture that reminded me of a sweet scoop of…