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Paris Marathon 2017 Training Diary
Paris Marathon

March & April Training Diary | The Paris Marathon

By On April 8, 2017

Missed Februarys Training progress? Catch up on all the running, ranting and pooping by clicking here. Things to note: 1. I run at least 1.5 hours after I finish eating my food,… Read More

Runner Girl, Training for Marathon on Crosby Beach Liverpool
Health & Fitness

There is a voice in my head and it’s telling me to run

By On March 23, 2017

Running isn’t really known as a competitive sport, and yet most of the Runners I know are all extremely competitive people, myself included. So, who are we all competing against? Well, if… Read More

Runners world magazine the running charity article
Health & Fitness

Fundraise, Run, Repeat | The Paris Marathon

By On March 9, 2017

Flicking through the pages of Runners World magazine last year, something, or rather someone, caught my eye. A young man stood tall and bold across a full page. Dressed head to toe… Read More

FEB Marathon Training
Health & Fitness

February Training Diary | The Paris Marathon

By On March 5, 2017

To help with my training and for my own personal reflection, AND for the benefit of anyone else out there feeling crazy enough to consider training for a marathon, I decided I wanted… Read More

The Paris Marathon
Health & Fitness

I have BIG news

By On February 21, 2017

I have news. *clears throat* I’m sure most of you already know, especially if you read my Happy Monday Lists, but I realised the other day that I never actually officially announced… Read More

Running in the winter - tips for a good run in cold weather
Health & Fitness

11 Tips for Running in this Cold AF Weather

By On February 10, 2017

According to our calendars we’re only a hop skip and a couple a weeks away from the season of Spring, hurrah! But before we get to it we’ve got some pretty cold… Read More

Health & Fitness

The only self-help books you need this year

By On January 8, 2017

Put down the diet books, pack away the scales, throw out that weight loss article ‘20 ways in 20 days’. I’ve got the perfect set of books to give you the right… Read More

Health & Fitness

10 Tried & Tested Hangover Hacks

By On December 18, 2016

Hangovers can be brutal, from the banging head to the greasy cravings to the nausea that follows the greasy cravings. With this in mind, and as a bit of an expert on hangovers,… Read More

Health & Fitness

Is Social Media making us sick?

By On December 14, 2016

When something makes us sick we tend to avoid it, right? Allergic to prawns – you avoid them.  Fabric softener giving you a rash – you avoid it. Dude from Tinder has… Read More

Health & Fitness

I ditched booze for a month and this is what happened

By On October 9, 2016

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you do this? Well, there are the usual reasons, I wanted to do a bit of a detox and shed the pounds that alcohol had clearly… Read More

Health & Fitness

How to turn Jealousy into a Positive

By On August 28, 2016

Jealousy. It’s a b*tch of an emotion. It’s a feeling so wretched it’s actually quite hard to put into words. Sometimes we feel angry, sometimes we feel sad. Sometimes we turn into… Read More


The only Frappuccino Recipe you’ll ever need

By On August 25, 2016

Iced Lattes are my fave. Flavoured Frappes are yummy too. The only problem is that they aren’t exactly the healthiest of drinks, and they can be quite expensive too. From Costa’s creamy Caramel… Read More


3 Mocktail Recipes to help you Survive the Summer

By On August 16, 2016

Us Brits love a drink. Boozing in the British Sunshine is a pastime of ours. If it was a sport we would be winning Bronze, Silver & Gold in Rio right now.… Read More

Health & Fitness

A Traveller’s Guide to Tackling Mosquitoes

By On June 28, 2016

Mosquitos never used to go for me, I always assumed I wasn’t their type; the one and only positive to inheriting my Dad’s pale, freckly (and clearly untasty) skin. But that was until… Read More

Health & Fitness

Running away from Paranoia (Literally)

By On April 15, 2016

So, Metal Health. Anxiety. Paranoia. Yup, lets talk about that. I’ve never really opened up about my anxiety on the blog. In fact until recently I’d never really opened up about it… Read More

Health & Fitness

I’m 30 and I’m Beautiful

By On April 8, 2016

This weekend I am celebrating my 30th birthday. It’s time to bid farewell to my 20’s and enter a brand new chapter of my life! *reaches for the vodka* In all seriousness… Read More

Health & Fitness

How to Become a Runner (a guide for lazy people)

By On March 18, 2016

Becoming a runner wasn’t easy, in fact almost one year on from my first run and I’m still trying to figure out this fitness thing. One thing I’ve learnt is that I have… Read More