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An honest review of: STEALTH Real Fruit Energy Gels

June 4, 2017
Stealth Real Fruit Energy Gels Banana Review - HannahBanana blog - Runner - Marathon Training

First, for anyone out there thinking what are energy gels? Letโ€™s get that bit out the way: Energy gels are little sachets of liquid that are usually made up of carbohydrates, sugar, electrolytes. sometimes protein and a lot of the time caffeine is thrown in there too, it all depends on the brand (which, by the way, there are sooooo many of). Typically theyโ€™re consumed by runners on…

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There is a voice in my head and itโ€™s telling me to run

March 23, 2017
Runner Girl, Training for Marathon on Crosby Beach Liverpool

Running isnโ€™t really known as a competitive sport, and yet most of the Runners I know are all extremely competitive people, myself included. So, who are we all competing against? Well, if you look at how hard we work to achieve PBโ€™s and how we love to make each challenge bigger and harder than the last, the answer is pretty clear: Ourselves. Yup, we continuously strive to compete…

Health & Fitness Marathon Training

February Training Diary | The Paris Marathon

March 5, 2017
FEB Marathon Training

To help with my training and for my own personal reflection, ANDย for the benefit of anyone else out there feeling crazy enough to consider training for a marathon, I decided I wanted to to keepย some sort of journal as I train for the biggest physical challenge of my life – theย 2017 Paris Marathon. You only get to be a first time marathon runner once and I decided I…

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I have BIG news

February 21, 2017
The Paris Marathon

I have news. *clears throat* I’m sure most of you already know, especially if you read my Happy Monday Lists, but I realised the other day that I never actually officially announced it or talked about it on my blog. So here goes… Iโ€™m running a Marathon. *hears crickets chirping* Okay, that may not be the biggest news to some people, but in the running world, that’s like…

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The only self-help books you need this year

January 8, 2017

Put down the diet books, pack away the scales, throw out that weight loss article โ€˜20 ways in 20 daysโ€™. Iโ€™ve got the perfect set of books to give you the right kind of self-help this January. Donโ€™t get me wrong, Iโ€™m no stranger to feeling the January guilt and making unrealistic weight-loss resolutions. But whilst Iโ€™m making the usual post-Christmas efforts to eat healthy, Iโ€™m also balancing…