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Food Running

Your London Marathon Medal is a Golden Ticket to Foodie Heaven

April 16, 2018

The expression “you deserve a medal” is never more true than after completing a marathon. But I believe you deserve more than a piece of race day bling after running a very tough 26.2 miles – and it seems the London foodie scene agrees with me. Complete the London marathon this Sunday and your finishers medal becomes your golden ticket to foodie heaven. I’ve hunted down the London…

Food Veganuary

A Vegan Life Live Giveaway

February 7, 2018
Vegan Life Live - Vegan Festival - Alexandra Palace - London - Veganuary

Fancy heading to Vegan Life Live this weekend? I’ve got a pair of weekender tickets to giveaway for all you vegans, veggies or even if you’re just a foodie. This two day event takes place at Alexandra Palace (10th & 11th Feb 10am – 5pm) and showcases more than 200 vegan-friendly exhibitors who all recommended arriving on empty stomachs! From vegan döner kebabs, pizzas and pies, to vegan…

Food Smoothies

The Energy Smoothie (that taste like cookie dough ice cream)

October 23, 2017

This recipe comes fresh from one of my spontaneous ‘F*@$ it! Chuck in whatever I have in the kitchen’ moments. I’ll be honest, the outcome of these moments aren’t always 100% edible (blueberries and instant coffee – what was I thinking?) But not this time. This time I somehow managed to create a delicious concoction with a flavour and texture that reminded me of a sweet scoop of…

Food Smoothies

Sweet Berry Smorridge

October 9, 2017

  When it comes to breakfast, I’ll choose the sweet option every time – unless I’m absolutely hanging out my arse in which case hit me up with the greasiest full english you’ve got – but recently, I’ve definitely been overdoing it on the sweet stuff. I’ve gotten into a really bad habit of swinging into Pret or Starbucks on my way to work to gore on jam…

Food Travel

I want to taste strange things in strange places

October 18, 2016

One thing I regret about my Asian travels is not being adventurous enough with the food. Don’t worry, I wasn’t that annoying British Tourist who only ate egg and chips every night and complained about the tea (okay, maybe a little complaining about the tea, but only because Lipton was the only brand I could ever  bloody find). Whilst in Asia I obviously did a lot of foreign…


Guilt Free Banoffee Pie

September 11, 2016

A moment on the lips is forever on the hips, or so they say! But I’ve been making a big effort to eat healthy lately and whilst dining at London’s Salad Pride recently, I was able to enjoy a slice of Banoffee Pie that was completely guilt free – a raw, vegan, triangle of heaven. But don’t be put off by the words ‘raw’ or ‘vegan’ because it…

Food Health & Fitness

The only Frappuccino Recipe you’ll ever need

August 25, 2016

Iced Lattes are my fave. Flavoured Frappes are yummy too. The only problem is that they aren’t exactly the healthiest of drinks, and they can be quite expensive too. From Costa’s creamy Caramel Coolers to Starbucks Cookie Crumble Frappuccino’s (although, wow, that sounds tasty) these iced coffee drinks are quite calorific and mighty high in sugar, and each costing around £3.40. So why not make your own at home?…


Tokyo to go Please

August 13, 2016

In case I haven’t already made it clear in this post, or this video, or on my Insta feed, I love Japanese food! Unfortunately I’ve found that Japanese is one of the least popular takeaway options when I hunt through my drawer of menu’s or browse on Just-Eat for local sushi haunts. It seems Pizza & Chicken dominate the takeaway listings (do we really need so many Chicken shops?) But…