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(Hannah) Tink Jayne

Writer ◦ Blogger

30 ◦ Aries ◦ Northerner

Currentl Location: Liverpool

Hey! I’m Hannah, middle name Jayne, but my friends call me Tink (complicated enough for you?)

I began this blog in 2011 (jeez, where has the time gone?) as a place for me to pen my feelings, share bad dates, generally rant about life and share pictures of my bad hairstyles. But by 2013, after I began backpacking on the other side of the world and sharing my travels online, more and more readers began logging onto this little blog to read about my adventures. Since beginning this blog I’ve now travelled to Australia, Asia, North America, South America, and of course Europe. I’ve lived and worked in the major cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, London and now Liverpool.

Of course, it’s not just travel I blog about. In spring of 2015 I decided I wanted to become a runner, and so began my turbulent relationship with Running, one I have continued to document on this blog. This then inspired me to begin writing a load of Health & Fitness content, whilst still maintaining my wine-drinking chocoholic status. I’ve even bagged myself a few loyal Runner-Readers (who I secretly but not-so-secretly tend to compete with).

I’d love to have one of those blogs that has it’s niche and can beautifully slot itself into a very specific category. But as well as travel and running, I also write about food (usually brunch), drinks (usually cocktails), relationships, heartbreak, photography, anxiety, hangovers, fictional characters, snapchat, uncontrollable & irrational emotions, DIY hacks, Pancakes, TV shows that left our screens 13 years ago, and sometimes I just write because I want to write and unfortunately there is no pretty category for that.

Also – I’m obsessive. I worry too much. I love lattes. Sushi is my soul food. I’m very competitive (in a totally healthy way, honest). Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. I’m Insta-obsessed. And I’m currently looking for true love – with myself!

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Disclaimer (aka the boring bit)

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