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Be part of my Live Dublin Marathon Experience

October 26, 2017
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It’s happening!

It’s finally here.


This weekend I head to Dublin to run my second marathon and I want you to enjoy the experience with me.

As you may already know from my Instagram posts, training for marathon no.2 has not gone as well as training for marathon no.1. There are multiple reasons excuses for my lack of training – a hectic work load, bad planning, the flue (one too many nights on the beer, ahem). Either way, I am not fit or trained enough to be aiming for a PB on Sunday, and I only have myself to blame. Sigh.

Rather than feel completely and utterly disappointed in myself – because I’ve already been feeling that for the past two weeks and sulking gets us nowhere – I’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to do something awesome that I didn’t get to do on my first marathon…

I want to share it with you guys, Live!

For the Paris marathon back in April, I was so focused on completing the run with a decent time that I didn’t stop for a single photo. Not even when I saw the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t get any videos, any selfies or any clips of any kind. Nada.

Obviously I’m glad I was totally focused, it allowed me to get a smashing first marathon time of 04:47:17, and leaving my phone on my arm purely for music meant more time to just take in the atmosphere without worrying about any social media. I just lived ran in the moment.

BUT – I really wish you guys could experience that atmosphere. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Thousands of people, all of whom have trained hard for different reasons, whether that be a personal challenge or to raise dosh for a charity that is close to their hearts. All the hard work and all the emotions build up to create such a positive and uplifting atmosphere. You can literally feel the passion, the nerves and all the excitement in the air. It’s incredible.

And this time I want to share it with you. Live!

Since I’ll be running at a more leisurely pace this time without a time in mind, I’ll be using my extra time to film live Instagram stories as I run the Dublin marathon. I’ll be doing my Instagram story across the whole marathon weekend, starting Friday morning when I fly, but I especially plan to do live videos on Sunday morning, before, during and after I run the 26.2 mile race.

TUNE IN – Sunday 29th October – From 8.30am GMT
Make sure you are following @hannahbananablog on Instagram

If you’ve ever thought about running a marathon, or even if your just considering starting to run, I urge you to tune in on Sunday morning and be a part of my Live Dublin Marathon Experience.

I’ll be filming a story across the whole weekend but will hopefully get some live videos from as early as 8.30 and then I begin the run at 9.30. Be sure to check out my Instagram story, and try and tune into the live videos.

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