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The Energy Smoothie (that taste like cookie dough ice cream)

October 23, 2017

This recipe comes fresh from one of my spontaneous ‘F*@$ it! Chuck in whatever I have in the kitchen’ moments. I’ll be honest, the outcome of these moments aren’t always 100% edible (blueberries and instant coffee – what was I thinking?) But not this time. This time I somehow managed to create a delicious concoction with a flavour and texture that reminded me of a sweet scoop of Ben & Jerry’s cookie-dough ice cream *droooooool*

Prepping for a long distance run, I wanted something quick but energising. I was initially going to scoff a banana, but knew I’d be running for up to four hours so needed more. I knew ingredients like porridge oats would provide good, long-lasting energy. So I quickly raided my kitchen, grabbing whatever ingredients I deemed either healthy, energising, tasty, and erm, in date! I took my first sip with apprehension, expecting my energy boosting smoothie to taste like yuck. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was delicious. The full recipe is below complete technical terms like ‘blob’ and ‘scoop’.

  • One scoop of oats
  • One scoop of Multipower Coffee Caramel Whey Protein Powder
  • One Banana
  • A blob of peanut butter
  • One handful of spinach leaves
  • One tablespoon of sweetener (or honey if you prefer a more natural sweetener)
  • 3/4 pint of Soya milk
  • Two tablespoons of Chia seeds

Whack everything in a blender and blend for 90 seconds and your done – simples!

A little tip, you can turn this into a dessert. Make in the morning, empty into little bowls or glasses and leave in the fridge for about six hours. Voila – your Nigella Lawson.

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