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The Happy Monday List | No.12

August 14, 2017

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of The Monday List, number 12 to be precise. It’s that time when I’m in a good mood and actually feel positive about it being Monday so have written another (well overdue) list of random bits and bobs that I’ve recently been liking, using, eating and things that have just genuinely put a smile on my face…

Regents Park
Iโ€™ve started running in and around Regent’s park again as part of my Marathon Training. From early morning weekday runs before work, to my long distance Sunday runs, I canโ€™t get enough of this place. Due to the fact that Regents Park is also home to ZSL, I see quite the sights on my runs there, my favourite being the family of giraffes.

I actually live by a little park in North West London, that, as lovely as it is, has become all too easy to run in because itโ€™s so accessible. Iโ€™d actually forgotten just how lovely it is to get out and take advantage of Londonโ€™s beautiful parks. On last sundays 10 miler in Regents Park I ran past huge beautiful art installations, past the camels and the giraffes, I saw huge groups of people meditating, friends doing Yoga, jugglers practicing their tricks and even a flying trapeze group. All the while soaking up the sun and taking in my gorgeous green surroundings as the miles added up. For any runners out there, I canโ€™t recommend Regents Park enough.

WordBrain 2
Following on from my fave geeky gaming brain training app, WordBrain, the one where you have to solve around 700ย hidden word challenges, I downloaded WordBrain 2. This time round each challenge is themed ie. countries or beach or office.ย It sounds easy, and it starts easy, but I’m 39% of the way through, really really struggling. but really really addicted! Recommend for anyone that loves a good wordsearch or crosswords.

Graze snacks
A few weeks ago my office started receiving a regular delivery of Graze boxes to encourage us to snack healthy (being in the beer industry, and drinking lots of it, we can often end up digesting a few too many of the naughty calories). Despite a few people expecting nothing but boxes of tasteless seeds to turn up, weโ€™ve all been really impressed with these surprisingly yummy snacks. Iโ€™m much more of a sweet kinda girl than savoury, so I have been loving the Chocolate Cherry Tart (Belgian dark chocolate, Chilean flame raisins, juicy cherries & pecans) and the Jaffa Cake Flapjack. But there’s a few nutty boxes that may have made their way into my noodle stir frys.

This film wasnโ€™t exactly well received by the film critics when it came out last year, but when I watched it on a lazy Saturday morning recently, I honestly loved it. I may be quite a bit older now, but Iโ€™m still the Twi-hard I was six years ago, and this film has a very Twilight feel to it. The movie takes place hundreds of years in the future, where humans no longer have emotions, meaning no-one falls inlove, no-one fights, no-one even touches each other; in fact when it comes to pro-creation women are actually summoned for conception.

The story is about two co-workers who catch SOS (switched-on-syndrome) which is basically when you develop emotions and feelings โ€ฆ and can you guess what happens? Yup, the two begin to develop feelings for each other. But of course in an emotionless world, SOS is basically a death sentence, it’s pretty much illegal. This super clean and sleek utopian film (mostly filmed in Japan for its minimalistic look) is similar to Twilight in the sense that it is essentially a love story that is almost painfully slow in building up to that first kiss, or in this case, the first touch; it had me screaming at the screen โ€œjust have sex already!!!!โ€ Starring Twilightโ€™s leading lady Kristen Stewart, and the oh-so dreamy Nicholas Holt, the first half of this film is like one big tease; passionate yet quiet, frustrating but exciting – I loved it.

My Cactus obsession grows. After my lovely gang of Ikea Cacti came to live with me in London, I not only bought a further three more (this time in pink pots) but I was gifted two by my Mum and my Nan, one of them being Monster size compared to my other minis.

I’m not sure when my Cactus obsession began, but I just love them. Maybe it’s because they’re beautiful in a really ugly way, or maybe it’s because they’re just so easy for me to care for, in fact they’re the only plants I’ve not yet killed by neglecting them, either way, my bedroom is starting to resemble the backdrop of the Looney Tunes seriesย Roadrunner and I kinda like it.

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