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August 4, 2017

Its so typical of me that I would rebrand my whole blog and then fall radio silent on the bloody thing! It’s been exactly two months since my last blog post, making it possibly my biggest break from blogging since 2012.

But do you know what? I needed it.

2016 wasn’t the kindest year to me, and 2017 was always going to be all about rebuilding myself back up from the whole I had fallen into it. Whilst I of course love writing and documenting my life and my journey, after a crazy few months during which I moved cities, started a brand new job, a new career in fact, and ran my first ever marathon (like I said, rebuilding!) I just wanted to live for a while. It wasn’t intentional, I didn’t plan to drop off the face of the blogosphere, it just happened. I rebranded and then suddenly I realised I didn’t want to think about scheduling tweets. I didn’t want to pick up my SLR. I didn’t want spend my Saturday in front of a laptop after spending the previous five days doing the same thing.

So I did other things instead. I went the pub … a lot. I hung out with family. I hung out with old friends. I made new friends. I slept in on weekends. I read magazines. I drank an obscene amount of coffee. I watched lots of Netflix. And NowTV. And Amazon prime. One Saturday I literally didn’t move from my bed, I ordered McDonalds via Uber eat and watched Sex and the City (for the 107th time) and took naps in between seasons. I worked … a lot. And then I worked some more. I stayed up till 2am having random chats with housemates. I cooked. I drank Prosecco.

I lived life as a non-blogger.

But of course all good things must come to an end. I knew my lazy, summer, non-blogger phase was just that, a phase, and that the writer in me was getting incredibly uncomfortable and frustrated, in need of releasing some thoughts, feelings and lots of words.

So here we are. I’m back.

Rather than just bore you with tales of drunken nights and all the McDonalds I’ve eaten over the past two months, I thought I would share with you some actual interesting life updates. Starting with my job!

New Career

So, my job. After spending pretty much all of my 20’s working in TV, before eventually ditching it for my failed attempt at FT blogging *rolls eyes* this job is quite a game changer, and a whole new industry to me. I was pretty vauge about it all when I shared this blog post earlier in the year. Not wanting to jinx it, I kept quiet about the company that employed me and the job I was hired to do. I’m still not 100% sure about sharing every little detail for fear of ruining it, but I can tell you I now work in the Beer industry.

Well, technically I guess it’s the drinks industry, but I’m mostly working with Breweries. Yup, from TV promos to the hoppy good stuff – quite the change. It’s a brand new industry to me and I’m absolutely loving it. The company I work for is a small(ish) start-up, so my job is a bit of a mixed bag, as is everyone’s, but essentially, I look after our customers, as well as plan and organise all our events and editorial & advertorial content (see Mum, I’m finally putting that PR degree to use).

There is never a dull moment, the company is absolutely amazing, and I literally laugh every single day because I get to work with such awesome people. I have to say, job-wise, this is the happiest I have been in a very long time. It’s bloody hard work and it takes up all my time, but I’m challenged every day, I enjoy what I do, even when it scares me, not to mention I also get to drink A LOT of free beer (oh, I also have a full on beer belly now. sigh).

Homelife & Housemates

Back in May I moved into my new house, sharing it with three random (but very lovely) dudes, with one room left spare. And by mid-June someone very special had filled that room. Drum roll please *tap tap tap tap tap tap* My blogger bestie and workout wife Emma Joy of has officially moved in with me. Woohoooo!

With Emma’s new PT career on a role and my job pretty much being my new boyfriend, we have completely different schedules. But we’ve still been finding time to train together, and to of course have a couple of drinks and fun times together at least once a week, even if it’s a glass of red at midnight on a Wednesday night after a long day in the office (or gym in Emma’s case).

Because the past four years of my life have either been spent backpacking, or living with my ex in our own flat (or with family), I’d completely forgotten what it’s like to have housemates. I was initially dreading it – so much so that I forked out money I can’t afford for my own teeny tiny private bathroom to avoid the horrified and inevitable moment when I would find someone else’s pube on my bar of soap – but actually, house sharing has been fine. I quite like having people to chat to in the kitchen whilst I cook. And I forgot how nice it is to randomly get drunk with housemates during the week, or watch crappy TV with someone else who also loves crappy TV (ahem, yup I’m referring to Love Island, the best reality TV show ever made, please God ITV2 make a winter series, I’m begging you). And having Emma make the move from Manchester to London and move in with us has just been the icing on the cake.

The Single Life

After a somewhat rocky year, in which it felt like my break-up with my ex was completely dragged out by us both, I’m finally feeling comfortable and happy being single. Okay, maybe ‘comfortable’ and ‘happy’ aren’t the right words, obvs I’d love a beautiful tall man to be my big spoon on Saturday mornings and bring me breakfast in bed, but I don’t have that … and that’s okay. I’m actually used to being single now. It certainly wasn’t easy to get used to, not after being with one person for five whole years, it was painful and lonely and downright tough, but I am used to it now. I’m content. And whilst, yes, I’d love to meet my Prince Charming, and am totally open to the idea of dating and meeting someone, I’m also open to the idea of it just being me, myself and I for a while, and in terms of relationships, possibly even …. forever?

I know that sounds a tad dramatic, but if the last year has taught me anything, it’s that I’m a hell of a lot stronger than I thought I was and that I don’t need a man. I can want one, yes, but I don’t need one. I’ve also realised that, Yes, I do want to have a family one day, BUT I don’t need a husband to have one. Call me crazy, but this is the world we live in now. Just because my five year relationship went down the drain, it doesn’t mean my unfertilized eggs should go down with it. And I’d be stupid to hunt down a man to marry just because society tells me to or because i feel like I’m getting older and that is what everyone else is doing. Life for me right now is of course about having fun, it’s about having adventure, but it’s also about working hard and planning for a future, one that may or not involve a man, but most certainly involves a family.

In other (good) news…

-After a break from Running, I’m back in the swing of things and have just started training for my second marathon, the 2017 Dublin Marathon. Wish me luck!

-As well as applying for the London Marathon earlier this summer, I just applied for the 2018 Tokyo Marathon. Here’s hoping I get a place in at least one of the two *crosses fingers*

-I’m officially signed up to try out The Body Blitz for the next 12 weeks, come follow my progress on instagram, and check out Body Blitz too.

-I’m officially fairy GodMother to my niece & nephew, and together we are the coolest little squad!

And finally, the good news is, I’m back, I’m blogging, and I promise, double promise, with sprinkles on top, to keep blogging to my hearts content. To those who messaged me asking for blog posts or just checking I was okay, Thank you so much, this post is especially dedicated to you lot. Mwah! x

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