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“Paris is always a good idea”

February 23, 2017

Paris City Bicycle

“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn in the movie Sabrina

For my 18th Birthday I went to Paris with my then-boyfriend. It was my first trip abroad without parents or teachers or any sort of real adult, so you’d think the wild child in me would have been released. But I spent the entire four days drinking copious amounts of coffee, shopping in Parisian boutiques and staring at the magnificent Eiffel Tower and it’s beautiful surrounding architecture. I remember my boyfriend actually being frustrated with me that I had officially turned 18 and yet didn’t have any intentions of spending every waking hour of our trip in theΒ bars. β€œAll you want to do is sit in coffee shops” he sulked. Yes. That is all I wanted to do. I was a young girl with dreams, and those dreams involved eating French pastries in a French coffee shop with a CafΓ© au Lait and watching the people of Paris go about their day. It was perfect.

When I landed back in the UK I vowed to my Mother that I would return to the city of Paris very soon. β€œMaybe I could live there” I excitedly suggested, immediately trying to form a plan in my head as to how I could make such a thing happen. My Mum nodded, in that of course you can patronising way. Because she could probably predict what would happen next. And it did. Life. University, Jobs, Relationships. Even when my thirst for travel unexpectedly popped up in my mid-twenties, causing me to quit my job to go backpacking, it was only the far away destinations I was interested in – China, Vietnam, Australia – the further the better. Because I always knew that little old Paris would be waiting for me.

But this April, after exactly 13 years, I will finally be returning to Paris.

Paris shot city life

Although, I have to admit, even I am shocked at my reason for finally making this overdue return, which is to run the 2017 Paris Marathon which happens to be on my 31st Birthday (oh yeah, if you haven’t read all about that, then click here to read the official post and be brought up to speed). Whilst my main reason for heading to the French capital is to obviously run in the terrifying and totally daunting, biggest physical challenge of my life Paris Marathon, I plan to rekindle my love for this beautiful city all over again. And yes that includes hitting the coffee shops, eating all the pastries and admiring the beautiful buildings and bridges of Paris.

The family are coming too! With John Lennon LiverpoolΒ Airport offering amazing deals on flights to Paris, my Parents decided to come along and support me, along with my Sister, her husband and the kids; we thought we could make a bit of a family holiday out of it. And whilst for me the first two days are going to be all about focusing on the Marathon, my second two days are going to be completely focused on PARIS!

Traditional Macaroons and traditional French Eclairs are at the top of the list of the food’s I MUST eat whilst in Paris. Along with a slice of Birthday cake on my birthday. I also wouldn’t mind checking out the Andy Wahloo bar as suggested by Liverpool Airport in their Guide to Paris, it’s apparently one of the best bars in Paris decorated with 70’s Moroccan kitchen materials and serving tasty traditional cocktails.

I also want to explore Le Marais, an area often referred to as β€œOld Paris”, full of fashion, museums, culture, but most importantly Cafes!! Lined with cobbled streets, plenty of outdoor seating and more foodie places than you can shake a stick at, this area of Paris looks like my cup of tea. I’m also keen to hunt down a good restaurant to book for the night before my marathon. Somewhere the family and I can get a good meal (preferably pasta for me as I’ll be carbing up) served up with some delicious wine (ahem, tap water for moi) and of course indulge in delicious Parisian desserts (those I will be having).

Have you been to Paris? If so, pretty please leave all your links, tips, hot-spots, hidden gems or restaurant recommendations in the comments below, I’d be super grateful.

Anyone else planning to book a Spring city break?

This post was brought to you by Liverpool Airport and written from the heart by Tink Jayne

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    "Paris is always a good idea" - Audrey Hepburn, Paris Travel Quote, City Life