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The Monday List No.10

January 30, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!

It’s been a while since I blabbed on here and I just felt like writing a bit of a chatty-type post, so a Monday List was definitely in order.

How is everyone? And by the way, how is it almost February already?? Despite being a bit of an unemployed bum, this month has still gone super-fast for me. Before we know it we’ll be putting the Christmas decorations back up.

So, what’s new with me? Well, I’m still unemployed, but hopefully not for too long, I’ve got a serious case of PMA (that’s positive mental attitude, not the other thing) and I really believe I’m going to land an awesome job very very soon. I can feel it! And honestly? I cannot wait to get stuck into hard-work and new projects and work with an actual team of people again as appose to just little old me. Not to mention there are only so many Pyjama days a girl can enjoy. But apart from job hunting and willing the employment Gods to give me a chance, life for me right now consists of running, eating, and running some more. And of course these little gemsΒ that have been making me very very happy, so without a further a do, here are a few things that have been making me smile over the past week…

The OA
Okay, so this one hasn’t really been making me smile, more like making my jaw drop to the floor whilst my brain ticks away with hundreds of burning questions. If you haven’t seen Netflix’s new mysterious Sci-Fi series The OA,Β I suggest you cancel your Saturday night plans ASAP and make brand new plans to binge watch this series … with snacks, lots of snacks. I spent last weekend watching the whole thing, and then five days later after Googling many different OA theories, I spent my Saturday re-watching it all over again to see if I could spot clues that I may have missed (yup, I’m officially an OA geek).
The story begins with the return of a blind girl who went missing seven years ago, only now she can see, and no one is quite sure how, or where she has been, but over eight long episodes her story is unravelled to us. The OAΒ also has an incredible soundtrack that I really hope is released as an album AND it stars Phyllis Smith from the US Office – sci-fi, mystery, cool music & Phyllis – what more could you want from a TV series??

Pimpin’ up my Coffee
This week I’ve been drinking Get Sh*t Done *pauses for reaction* It’s a sweet, tasty coffee from a new coffee brand called Coffee Pimps* (see image up top) I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but this stuff literally reminds me to, well, get sh*t done. One look at the bag as I take a scoop and I’m already motivated to have a productive day. Can all coffee be this motivating please?

Marathon Training
I’m at a point in my life where running has become my best friend. And surprisingly I’m really happy about that. Lately I’ve been looking forward to my runs the way I used to look forward to a Saturday night on the vodka’s.
A few weeks ago I created a strict running schedule to help me train as best as I can for the Paris Marathon. I run three times a week, one run focuses on speed, whilst the other two focus on distance. I created, and even colour coded, a food plan that works alongside my runs, and on the days I’m not running I’m exercising with tailor made workouts, these are also colour-coded and in a chart, and Oh Em Gee I’ve basically turned into this big fitness geek who drinks protein shakes and types up her PB’s into a spreadsheet – and I’m bloody loving it!!

I cooked steak
…for the first time ever! I fried it in a pan and cooked it to perfection (medium-rare) I then melted cheese on it and it was sensational. I ate it with beans and hash browns (I know, so dirty) and it was, rather pathetically, the highlight of my weekend.

Friends Reunited
Last weekend I broke my Dry January. I know, I know, shame on me, but it was only for one day and I plan to add a day or two back onto my month of sobriety to make up for it. BUT I had to break it when I found out I would be meeting up with my old travel buddy Alex from Australia; I hadn’t seen her in three years! Alex is one half of this awesome Aussie couple I met in Thailand and then travelled with through Laos & Vietnam. I also lived with her and her boyfriend for a month when I first arrived in Melbourne. The two of us met up in London and ate pie, drank 241 cocktails and talked for hours and hours (literally from 5pm to 11pm!) It was so lovely to see her and it just reminded me that as lonely as I sometimes feel, I must remember I have friends near and far who not only care about me, but who I can spend three years apart from and yet feel like it was only last week I saw them.

Jemima Kirke
I love her. I’m planning to write a whole blog post about this women and why I am officially calling her my unofficial soulmate. But in brief, she is doing lots of promotional stuff right now for the final season of Girls and every interview I watch her in or listen to, I am just so in awe of her. So many actresses say what they think they should say, whereas Jemima just says what she wants, what she actually feels and believes. She has spoken extremely honestly about her body issues, about abortion and about her own personal feelings on being a mother, and – as sad and as daft as it sounds – I can completely relate to everything she says and I almost felt a connection to the things she was saying and feeling. So much respect for this woman.

My nephew Harry came and spent a week with me and my parents whilst my Sister and her husband moved house. In case I haven’t already mentioned it on this blog, my three year old nephew is A) the cutest little character and B) he is literally my favourite person in the world. He had me and my Parents in fits of laughter throughout the whole week, he really cheered me up after what had been a low few weeks and I didn’t want him to leave.

Remember Astrobelts? The sugary red strips that you could buy for 5p in the corner shop? Well I am currently obsessed with them, I’m actually cheating on chocolate with them and I don’t even feel guilty about it. I walked into a random shop that sold them last Monday and got the strongest whiff of that sweet, sugary, strawberry scent and now I’m hooked *prepares for teeth to rot away*

What has been making you happy recently?Β I’d love to know in the comments below.

HAPPY MONDAY – I hope you have a FAB week and have some fun things lined up. I’ve got job interviews this week (wish me luck) and plenty more running to do. How about you??


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