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10 Tried & Tested Hangover Hacks

December 18, 2016


Hangovers can be brutal, from the banging head to the greasy cravings to the nausea that follows the greasy cravings. With this in mind, and as a bit of an expert on hangovers, I’ve put together a list of Hangover Hacks, all tried and tested by yours truly…


Drink Coconut Water
Yes, yes, yes, we’ve been told over and over that Hydration is key to the prevention or cure of a hangover, we get it. But rather than drinking council pop (good old tap water) I personally have found Coconut water to be the perfect way to hydrate before, during and after a night on the toon. You see to cure a hangover, you basically need a decent amount of antioxidants and electrolytes, both of which coconut water contains. To keep yourself even more hydrated you can actually use coconut water as a cocktail ingredient alongside your liquor!

Go for a Run (or for those that are severely hungover, a walk)
Okay, wait, hear me out before you start thinking ‘A run? Are you mad?? I’m hungover!!’ but I have actually tried and tested this theory. Last year doing my 100 days of running I was forced to run on many hangovers. And the hardest part wasn’t the running, the hardest part was actually motivating myself to get up and go. The run itself was usually fine, I only ever did one mile, which took around 8 or 9 minutes of my day, and the end result was incredible. It was always worth it. The quick burst of exercise will release endorphin’s, improving your mood. Not to mention that the knowledge you have burnt a few calories eases the wretched feeling of guilt we all carry on a hangover. If you really can’t face a quick run or just aren’t the running type then head out for a 15 minute walk.


Eat a Banana
Woke up feeling rougher than a Badgers arse?? Then eat a Banana, maybe two if you can. I swear by this tactic. I know it’s not the bacon sarnie you crave when you wake up with a stinking hangover, or the desired texture to put in your dry fuzzy hungover mouth, but trust me it will make a difference to your day. I’ve done this on lots of occasions and it always works. It won’t rid you of your hangover instantly, but the potassium entering your system will gradually make you feel better. For all the banana haters out there, try avocado instead.

And some toast
You will need the carbs. And trust me, your body will want the carbs. Dry toast will work best if you are really suffering with one of those sickly hangovers that makes you feel like your insides are trying to get out; you might not feel like eating it but this will help. Of course if you are hungry and you have the energy to do more than use your toaster then cook an egg to go on top of your toast, or mash up the above to spread on it (as in banana or avocado).


Drop an Energy Tablet
Put down the can of Redbull (it’s all caffeine and sugar and will only make you crash hard in a few hours time) and instead pick yourself up some energy tablets. You can buy energy tablets from most pharmacies but I’ve been using these Vitabiotics wellwomen tablets, available from Boots. Just drop one in a glass of water and you get a refreshing tasty orange drink that will reduce your tiredness by helping your body to release natural energy (aka no falling asleep during your boss’s presentation or at the dinner table on Christmas day).

Have an orgasm
A little controversial this one, but trust me this will aid your hangover. We all know that alcohol is a depressant and we all know that an orgasm releases endorphin’s, so it make sense really; to rid your body of a horrid hangover just have yourself a fit and a spasm (cockney rhyming slang for orgasm, don’t say I don’t teach you anything). Nothing wrong with doing it on your own, but if your partner is there to have sex with you, then extra points for a cardio workout that is sure to sweat out some of those nasty toxins.


Drink Green or Ginger Tea
We all want to wake up to a cup of Tetley’s finest after a night on the beers, me especially, and that’s normally what I go for … but occasionally I’ll have a Green Tea for it’s wonderful magical powers. I’ve found – as has medical research – that Green Tea can be a great hangover cure. Whilst it’s not advised to drink the tea with alcohol, or right after alcohol, it really is magical for the day after because of it’s antioxidants which are famous for repairing Liver. Ginger tea also holds these magical powers too.

Take Ibuprofen NOT paracetamol
If natural remedies aren’t your thing then pop a few pills instead, but remember: whilst a paracetamol can ease a headache, technically it shouldn’t be taken whilst your body is trying to recover from alcohol. It also shouldn’t be taken if you’re going to be having tea or coffee; the combination of paracetamol + caffeine + alcohol will actually damage your liver. Ibuprofen, however, is an anti-inflammatory, all-round painkiller that is much more suited to easing those nasty hangover symptoms, whilst still being safe to take with alcohol still in your system. I usually take two when I’ve got a real stinker of a hangover that just isn’t budging.


Follow these very specific shower instructions
Start by popping open your bathroom window so that you have fresh air coming in whilst you shower. Mmmmm, breathe out all that beer, tequila & cigarette breathe and take in the clean air. Then start your shower off with cold water and step into it. Yes it will be hellish, but it will do wonders for waking you up and energising you, even if it’s just for 30 seconds. Then turn the heat up to a nice warm temperature. DO NOT have a hot shower with excessive steam, the heat will go to your head and make you feel very sick. Instead stick to a warm shower but make it nice and long to get you feeling really refreshed.

And finally …. Be organised
Not necessarily a hangover hack, more of a little tip to make your morning-after a little less chaotic and painful: try and sort everything you need for the following morning before you get drunk. From setting your alarm and choosing your outfit, to packing your work bag and preparing breakfast. There is nothing worse than sleeping in and then fumbling about your flat, groggy eyed with a banging head, trying to find clean knickers and raid your cupboards for food, all the while panicking about being late. That is of course unless you’ve important plans to stay in bed, in which case ignore this bit and remain in your cushion & duvet shaped shell.

Do you have any Hangover Hacks to help us all survive Christmas? I’d love to know in the comments below, or you can tweet me your remedies x


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