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I want to taste strange things in strange places

October 18, 2016

One thing I regret about my Asian travels is not being adventurous enough with the food. Don’t worry, I wasn’t that annoying British Tourist who only ate egg and chips every night and complained about the tea (okay, maybe a little complaining about the tea, but only because Lipton was the only brand I could ever ย bloody find).

Whilst in Asia I obviously did a lot of foreign food tasting; in Vietnam my taste buds became acquainted to a whole new world of food and flavours that they had never tried before, and they loved it all. In Thailand I actually ate Spicy food and in China I ate some delicious but very questionable meat. Eating delicious foreign foods quickly became one of the best things about travelling. BUT – and it shames me to say this – I did also eat quite a lot of Western food whilst travelling because I was way too scared to try the really unusual dishes – no deep fried cockroaches or snakes on a stick for me, instead I opted for 7eleven toasties and crispy M&Ms.


But I suppose I wasn’t much of a foodie when I travelled Asia. I didn’t care about unusual ingredients or local traditions. I liked playing it safe. Back then I was only just boarding the Foodie boat, nervously tip-toeing my way on. But three years on and my tastebuds are practically driving their own Foodie ship, urging me to taste strange things in strange places and encouraging me toย sample theย new and different.

From taste testing Japanese Wasabi KitKats (nom!) to eating traditional German Currywurst in Berlin (erm, double nom), I am now always on the hunt for foreign foods to try. And with South America being my next destination, I’ve already been doing my research into exactly what edible delights (or perhaps foodie frights) I can shove in my gob and tick off my foodie list.

Here is my South America ‘To Eat & Drink’ย List:

Peruvian Donuts

Peruvian Donuts
These donuts popped up on my Instagram feed via Experience Peru and I immediately licked the screen took a screenshot of these delicious treats and added them to my To Eat List. They are served with a sweet syrup called Picarones and are a MUST try in the country of Peru.

Guinea Pig
According to this Conde Naste article, the one dish I MUST try in Peru is …. Guinea Pig *gulp*
I used to have a pet Guinea Pig who I loved sooooo much, so this meal may be a little hard to swallow – literally. I couldn’t even bring myself to post a picture of a cooked Guinea Pig, so Lord knows how I am going to eat one and succesfully digest it. BUT, my tastebuds are driving the boat and they want me to try it, so Guinea Pig I shall have for dinner – apparently with a side order of Corn on the Cob.

Leche de Tigre

Leche de Tigre
I’ll admit, this next dish doesn’t exactly wet my appetite – it looks like a Prawn Iced Latte with sliced onions sticking out of it. But according to theย official Travel Peru Instagram accountย it’s a very tasty and very popular dish that is made up of ย chilli, onion, fish, and, erm, milk! Okay, so the description is still not doing it for me, but I’m willing to try it out.

Although Chile is famous for it’s seafood, I’ve found a meaty dish that sounds heavenly! Chorrillana is made with French fries, finely cut onion, spicy sausage, beefsteak and is topped with two eggs. How incredible does that sound? It’s a popular meal supposably great to eat before a hike, however to me it sounds like the perfect Hangover meal.


Inca Kola
Inca Kola, also known as Golden Kola (or Champagne Cola to some) is a Peruvian soft drink that, from what I can see, basically looks like a bottle of urine. However this caffeinated soda is a very sweet lemon flavoured drink that – according to Wikipedia – has an “acquired taste”. I’ll take six bottles!

Pisco Sour
So apparently both Chile and Peru have been battling it out for years as to which of the two countries the Pisco Sour originated from. We’ll never actually know, so it’s only fair I try my fair share of this lemon flavoured cocktail in both countries – I’ll get back to you and let you know who served it best.


All the Wine!
Chile. Argentina. I’ve been told both are the best places to drink red wine, and much like my Pisco Sour Mission, the only way to find out is to research it myself. I’ve already found several wine tours whilst looking upย day trips and I will happily go on any one of them in the name of research. Wine research. It’s very important stuff.

Cocoa De Mate/Cocoa Leaf
This yellowy-green Herbal Tea isn’t something I am overly excited to try out (not like them donuts *licks lips*) BUT I have heard it’s great for altitude sickness, something I may unfortunately end up experiencing. Made from raw coca leaves and hot water, it seems quite boring, but this hot cup of cocoa tea is actually illegal in the United States because the coca plant contains alkaloids which, when extracted chemically, are the source for the base of cocaine. Anyone for a cup of Rebellious Tea?


Have you been to Peru? Chile? Argentina? If so, I would love love love to hear your recommendations. What are your Must-Eats? Anything I should avoid?ย 

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