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The Monday List No.8

August 22, 2016

Overdue is an understatement when it comes to the lack of Monday lists on my blog over the last few months. And if you read my last post you might understand why. But as I begin a brand new chapter in my life, I’m determined to make it a positive one, starting with the return of Happy Monday lists – a list of things that have recently made me smile and feel all giddy and happy inside…

The Olympics
Anyone else been LOVING watching, supporting and cheering on #TeamGB in Rio? After the Brexit Disaster earlier this year, a phenomenal team effort from the Great British Olympians was exactly what our country needed to unite and feel the love again. I’m so proud of Team GB and it’s been incredibly motivating and inspiring to watch.

Inspired by the incredible British athletes, plus a very sudden and very strong desire to get fit and look after my body, I have started running once again. This time I’m using a coaching plan on my Nike+ app to help me actually stick to a schedule. That way I won’t do what I always end up doing which is going for one run, feeling amazing and then ‘reward myself’ by not running for the rest of the week * rolls eyes*

Finding Dory
Baby Dory is adorable. Grown-up Dory is adorable. This whole film is just so bloody adorable! I watched it last Monday with my Sister and it was a perfect pick-me-up film for a somewhat blue Monday.

Joe Ward Book
After the cinema, my Sister and I hopped on the tube and I found a book on the seat I had gravitated towards. I picked it up to find the Author had written this message inside:
To the Person who picks this book up. Hope you enjoy it and it’s yours. Joe Ward. 15/08/2016
Pretty cool, right?

Cake Date at Salad Pride
Oh. Em. Gee. I had the tastiest Banofee Pie during a catch up with Emma at Salad Pride on Saturday. But here’s the best bit – it was healthy! Super-duper healthy! Yup, I seem to be discovering more and more healthy cake after trying matcha cake in this post. Not only was this scrumptious cake like eating a slice of heaven, but it was gluten-free, vegan and raw, so it was like eating a slice of, like, the purest part of heaven, where all the Angels live! *Googles Recipe Immediately*

Eddie Eagle
I watched this on Saturday night. I honestly didn’t think I would like it, skiing isn’t really my jam. But it’s more about the determination Eddie had to take part in the Olympics, it was a lifelong dream of his and he was determined to see it through. It was an incredibly motivating movie, sending out the positive message to never ever give up on your dream and reminding us that “the important thing in life is not triumph, but the struggle” (Baron de Coubertin)



The Body Coach Recipe Book
Want to eat healthy? But luuuuuurve food too much to diet? Then pick up one of Joe Wicks Recipe books. I honestly can’t believe how tasty these meals are whilst actually being good for you and they are extremely filling too! Evey single meal I’ve had over the past week has been delicious.

Two weeks Sobar
I am officially on Day 16 of no booze *does a hair flip* Go me!

What has made you Happy recently?? Share the love!

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