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Tokyo to go Please

August 13, 2016

Yo sushi tokyo to go 3

In case I haven’t already made it clear in this post, or this video, or on my Insta feed, I love Japanese food! Unfortunately I’ve found that Japanese is one of the least popular takeaway options when I hunt through my drawer of menu’s or browse on Just-Eat for local sushi haunts. It seems Pizza & Chicken dominate the takeaway listings (do we really need so many Chicken shops?)

But that was until Yo! Sushi introduced me to their takeaway range*. Aptly named Tokyo to go, Yo’s takeaway menu is five pages of delicious Japanese treats, leaving you completely spoilt for choice! As well as featuring some of their most popular in-house dishes, Yo! Sushi have added a few brand new delights to their takeaway menu and so a friend and I had ourselves a little Yo! Picnic to sample some of these new additions…

What I ordered:
1 x Salmon Chirashi NEW
1 x Beef Teriyaki Donburi NEW
1 x Teba No Karaage NEW
1 x Chibi Maki Box
1 x Matcha Roll NEW
2 x Hitachino Nest Saison beers NEW
Feeds: 2 people
Delivery Time: 50 minutes

Yo sushi tokyo to go 1

Hot Pots
Considering the food had been biked through London traffic, it arrived in perfect condition. The hot meal, Beef Teriyaki, was presented in the cutest little ‘Hot Pot’ box, perfect if you want to take any leftovers into the office the next day.


Chirashi – the new favourite
I absolutely love the new Chirashi range, a selection of rice pots scattered with fresh toppings. I ordered the Salmon Chirashi after I sampled one at Hyper Japan and experienced love at first bite; sesame soy marinated fresh salmon with kaiso, pickled cucumber, red onion, pickled ginger, crispy shallots and sushi rice. These rice salads can be picked up in the restaurants if you need a lunch on the go and are also sold as Tuna, Tofu and chicken- Nom! If this is Tokyo’s answer to a salad, then salads I shall eat EVERYDAY when I visit Japan.

Yo sushi tokyo to go 6

Japanese wings
For my friend I ordered Teba No Karaage, these are Japanese-style chicken wings (take that KFC, CFC, Cottage Chicken, and all the other billions of Chicken shops up and down the country). These little crispy wings lack the grease that takeaway chicken is normally loaded with and they are served with lime instead. Also, they just look so much prettier!

The Usual Suspects
I couldn’t resist ordering my favourite, a maki box made up of cucumber, salmon, avacado and tuna. These little rice delights are always on my plate when I eat Japanese food, usually sat next to a little pot of soy sauce and always eaten with chopsticks! Whether it’s from the Yo! conveyer belt, in a fancy Japanese restaurant or even just in a plastic takeaway box, they are always ordered and they are always the best.

Yo sushi tokyo to go 4

There is even Healthy Cake
Okay, now this I was super duper excited about – and still am – because it’s basically healthy cake, or so I am trying to convince myself. It’s not something I would normally go for, but I tried the Matcha Roll, a premium green tea sponge swirled with fresh cream & azuki beans – which I thought were chocolate chips, ahem. The kind of cakes I usually eat are covered in sugar and filled with jam, yet, this little roll of green sponge was absolutely heavenly, super light and is only 230 calories. I will be ordering it again.

yo sushi tokyo to go 10

If your not really a takeaway person and your more about enjoying Yo! Sushi for its cool venues, tasty conveyor belt and colour coded menu, then there are still so many fantastic dishes, new and old, available to eat in the restaurants. Back in Spring I went to an amazing event with Yo! for the new album launch of Japanese girl band Babymetal. I got to sample lots of Japanese food (yup, it was literally the best day ever!) and I completely forgot to share the photo’s, check a few out below.

I also got to taste Ramune Soda, Japan’s oldest and most popular soft drink, also known as ‘marble soda’. It’s not only taste incredibly sweet and looks like a Blue WKD, but it has a very unusual bottle that can be tricky to open it…


Have you tried any of the Tokyo to go range yet? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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