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Turning your Bedroom into your Sanctuary

August 9, 2016

I’ve must have moaned a million times on this blog (or at least five) about the struggles of living in a small studio flat, especially as a couple. Your bedroom is also your living area, your hallway, your dining room and in some cases your kitchen too. You basically have no bedroom. And because I was travelling for a year prior to moving into my studio, I havenโ€™t actually had my own bedroom in over 3 years! Even then my room was practically a cupboard, I may as well have been Hannah Potter, the girl who lived in the roof.

But that is all about to change, as very soon I will have my own bedroom. No bedroom/kitchen or bedroom/living room. Just a bedroom. A decent sized one too, with walls I can actually hang things on without incurring some sort of fee from my stubborn landlord.

Until you no longer have a bedroom, you donโ€™t realise how important one is. Itโ€™s your place to escape, a place to relax, in my case, itโ€™s a place to read, to write, but above all, itโ€™s a place to dream. And so I plan to make my new bedroom my very own heavenly sanctuary, an oasis of calm and a bubble of happiness, and here is how I plan to do so (and how you can too)…

bedroom john lewis


Step one is to declutter. I have already thrown away at least two thirds of MY LIFE in the big move (if you havenโ€™t used it or worn it in the last six months, either recycle it, charity shop it, or bin it). Despite throwing out box after box of clothes, unused make-up, old Christmas gifts and battered shoes, I still feel like I will need to do a second declutter when I move into my new bedroom. Why? Because in order to have a serene and calm bedroom, I want space and as little crap as possible. My old flat was basically decorated with piles; piles of books, piles of bills, piles of bags, and piles of stuff I didnโ€™t even need but refused to throw away for nostalgic reasons. But sometimes we just have to say Goodbye to those six Disney Princess pens that are cute AF but no longer contain ink!

Add simple storage

I canโ€™t obviously throw away ALL my things โ€“ as tempted as I sometimes get โ€“ so I may have to purchase myself a storage unit of some sort to keep all the bits I need, but that look messy on display, such as the five cans of batiste I have, my dark green folder with all my business documents in and all the jewellery I have that is unboxed. But shelves and boxes just wonโ€™t do the trick. Any storage units I get should look as minimalist (and uncluttery, if thatโ€™s a word) as possible. I love this basic white set of drawerโ€™s from Ikea; itโ€™s simple and wonโ€™t take up too much space, but with nine drawers it will certainly store all those bits neatly away.


Create a heavenly bed

Everyone is different. Your idea of a heavenly bed might be minimal pillows and a basic duvet. Mine is cushions, comfort and more cushions. Iโ€™ve already got my eye on a foam mattress from bedstarย that will hopefully give a new meaning to โ€˜falling into bedโ€™. And I want pillows, cushions and maybe even a throw. I want to make my bed the kind of bed you crave on a winters evening, snuggly, warm and cosy.

Give it the Perfect Scent

We werenโ€™t supposed to have candles in the studio flat, another crazy demand by our cruel Landlord *rolls eyes* but of course I would light the occasional scented candle to get rid of the smell of hot food floating round our room. But in my new sanctuary I canโ€™t wait to have the aromas from my favourite scented candleโ€™s lingering around my bedroom. Iโ€™m obsessed with the Jelly Bean Bubble gum candle for summertime, and the Yankee Candle in Cinnamon stickย for the winter.

Keep it all to yourself

As kids we always wanted our friends over to hang out in our newly decorated bedroom, or bring round their sleeping bag for a sleepover when you had a new video to watch. But as adults, I find that our bedroom really does become our private place; as I said earlier, it is a place to escape to, a place for quite, itโ€™s the place we resign to after a long hard day, and itโ€™s the place our adult life has to pry us from every morning. So why not keep it private to make it even more special? A place just for you.


What do you think? Will you be turning your room into your very own sanctuary, or is your bedroom already an oasis?
What tips would you give to creating the perfect place to slumber?

In collaboration with Blue Note

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