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Glamping under the Stars at a Festival Wedding #HertzQT

August 8, 2016


Lets’s Dance Beneath the Stars and forget the world

Last Monday I drove my dishevelled self and four of my dishevelled friends (some old, some new) back to Dublin airport after what can only be described as the best weekend of my 2016 so far. We had all spent three days camping in a field in Monaghan, with 50 others, to celebrate two of our friends becoming man and wife.

As lovely and glamorous as hotel weddings are, and trust me they really are wonderful, this particular wedding was so different and had so many unique and personal touches. The three day event felt more like a festival and was held on land owned by the happy couple, they even built the Wedding barn themselves. The bride handmade the bridesmaid dresses herself, hand crafted the bouquets and even the ceremony arch was built and decorated by friends and family. I knew it would be a truly unique and special weekend, and I knew it would be fun, but I really had no idea just how amazing it would be…

My weekend kicked off in London where I had the most stressful journey to Stansted airport and nearly missed my flight (no thanks to my National Express airport transfer not showing up, despite me waiting for over an hour). After a few tears and a panic attack, I soon found myself in the back seat of the most expensive Uber of my entire life, but I was on my way to the airport. I just managed to make my Ryan Air flight and Thank the Lord it was a completely stress-free journey from that point onwards.



At Dublin airport I picked up my hire car. Now, I’ll admit, I had been a tad stressed about this part because a) I hadn’t driven in almost two years and b) the last time I hired a car there was so much paper work involved and faffing around. But Hertz made all this very simple because they gather all the information they need when you book. It was as simple as handing over my driving licence and credit card and in return they handed me the keys and told me all the info I needed (the petrol pop is on the drivers side etc). The whole thing took literally five minutes. I met by Travel Buddy Keith, a fellow wedding guest who was also landing in Dublin, and off we headed on our little Irish road trip to Monaghan to spend some quality time with our friends.

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Arriving at the land, our jaws dropped. A huge beautiful barn had been built where the ‘Dinner, Dancing & general Banter’ would be taking place; benches and leather sofas were dotted around outside, lit by candles on tables, and there was even a ‘love shack’ for the happy couple. On the other side of the field, a brightly lit tee-pee stood tall, with about fifteen bell tents and yurts surrounding it in a circle. To guide you to the tents from the barn a path of beautiful fairy lights lead the way, it was simply stunning.

love shack

The spacious and stylish tents where a far cry from the usual two-man tents you’d have to crawl into at the likes of Glastonbury. Provided by a company called Silk road tents, they were big, clean and super cosy inside. I had a big double bed to myself with a thick duvet, an extra blanket, and a little table at the end of my bed where my own cute little lantern shone brightly next to some bottles of water (and loo roll). There was even a little welcome matt to wipe my shoes on. But best of all I was able to fully stand up in my tent, there is nothing worse than rolling around in a tiny tent trying to get ya knickers on!

The next three days are a bit of a whirlwind. After arriving late and catching up with old friends over a few bottles of beer and taking in the truly magnificent sight that was Monaghan’s night sky of gleaming stars, I headed back to my tent to curl up in a ball and try and keep warm. I failed miserably. There was teeth chattering and everything. Luckily by Saturday morning I had a brand spanking new tent buddy to warm up my tent, lets call her Rachel, because that’s her name, and she quickly became my partner in crime for the weekend.

The actual wedding ceremony was on top of the hill on the field and was stunning. I honestly can’y find another word for it. The whole Wedding in fact was just one big beautiful crazy weekend. Following the ceremony was a tremendous afternoon filled with so much laughter, even a few tears, and sooooo much booze. My lord the Irish can drink, I thought I could polish off a fair few drinks, but they drunk me under the table, the very table that rinsed the bar of all the Jager & Redbull by 8pm.

The bride looked beautiful, she always does with that deep red hair of hers, but on this day she was glowing with radiance, and I couldn’t stop crying every time I tried to tell her so (the words came out eventually, after the third Jager bomb hit me and I could finally stop being so teary). Her husbands speech was incredible and brought tears to my eyes, as did her Fathers speech, but those were more tears of laughter as he shared a few stories about his new son-in-law.

It was just so amazing to not only be a part of their special day, or weekend rather, but it was amazing to spend some quality time with these wonderful friends whom I don’t get to see a lot. I loved every second of the weekend, from dancing my socks off on the Barn dance floor, to driving the hungover troupe down the N2 in my little rented motor.

Below is just a wee glimpse into the fantastic weekend I had, spending quality time with my favourite Irish folk.

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