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Music is my Time Machine

June 16, 2016

When I was younger, maybe about 10 or 11 years old, I was watching Sunday TV with my Dad when a movie called The Time Machine came on, which we sat and watched together. Based on the book by H.G. Wells, this 1960 Oscar winning movie about Time Travel completely blew my mind and thus began my obsession with Time Travel. To this day I still love discussing the idea of travelling through time – is it actually possible? Can we see the future? Or could we ever give the past a quick visit?

Whilst I’ve still got all my fingers and toes crossed for NASA to unveil some sort of magnificent machine that can transport us into the future, there are actually ways that people like you and I can revisit the past, anytime we want.


Through Music! I love that a song can trigger an emotion or immediately cause us to flashback to a moment in time that you so deeply cherish. Sometimes even just hearing the first few seconds of a record can bring feelings of nostalgia and transport you into the past.

As I was recently searching the HMV website, looking through Vinyls and CD’s for my Dad, I couldn’t help but pop in my headphones and listen to a few songs and albums that he likes, songs that that never fail to remind me of him. Instantly nostalgic feelings and family memories came flooding to me. And so in honour of Fathers Day, here are four records that will always help me to travel through time and relive wonderful moments with my Dad.

Dad polaroid

Do you want to know a Secret | The Beatles
I hear this song and I am instantly transported to the back seat of my Parents car, sandwiched in between my two older sisters as we drive down to Cornwall for a proper British Summer holiday. The boot is packed with camping chairs, suntan lotion and flasks of hot tea as this song, amongst many others from the sixties, is blasting out on the cassette player and my Dad whistles along whilst driving.

No Limit | 2 Unlimited
“No no. No no no no. No no no no. No no, theres no limit” Remember those annoying lyrics? I bet your thinking ‘why does this early techno, very repetitive, nineties Eurodance track remind you of your Dad?’ Well, when it was released back in January 1993, I was just six years old and I became obsessed with it. I began singing it anywhere and everywhere. You’d think it would drive a Parent mad, but my Dad grew quite fond of it. He was always encouraging me to sing it or asking me to perform it for relatives when they visited. And so now if I hear it (which these days is usually only on the waltzers of a dodgy fairground) I can actually remember my Dad picking me up from school, walking beside me, towering above me, holding my hand, saying “Go on, sing that song you love.”

Orinoco Flow | Enya
This was my Dads CD and he would either listen to it in the car or it was kept in the room that we still to this day call the front Room. I hear this song and I immediately think of that room and my Dad and my Sister hanging out in there. Only back then the room had my Dad’s huge three tower stereo system in with big black speakers, complete with ginormous wired headphones and a patterned chaise lounge that was for lying on when listening to music. So very different to now, just a tiny little iPod docking station that sits on the windowsill of the front room.

Heroes | David Bowie
Three years ago I was having a girly night with a few friends before leaving to go travelling. We ended up watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which features this song in the film. When the song first came during on a scene showing Emma Watson and Logan Lerman driving through a tunnel, for some reason I thought of my Dad. I had that nostalgic feeling rushing over me, as if it was reminding me of a memory of him, but one that I couldn’t quite picture or remember. He must have played the song to me as a child.
It’s a fantastic song, so needless to say I downloaded it straight onto my iPod. Three weeks later I was visiting my Parents to say goodbye before I travelled, and I decided to put some music on in my room whilst I was doing some packing. I put on my new ‘Travel playlist’ which  kicked off with Heroes. My Dad walked in and asked why I was playing it. It turns out he had literally just finished making a family video using holiday footage and had randomly decided to use David Bowies Heroes as the backpacking track!

There are so many songs and albums that remind me of my Dad, from The Beatles, to Catatonia, to Pink Floyd, and each one triggers a different memory, a different time, a different age. It’s so wonderful that music is able to do that for us. I may not be able to physically travel back in time, but for now I’m happy for my Time Machine to come in the shape of a Radio, a Record player or even my iPhone.

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