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The Best of Bristol: Bowling, Beef and Bourbon

June 1, 2016



Last month I headed to Bristol to catch up with some mates and for a much needed Bristol Adventure. This is something the Beard and I love to do every now and then because it’s the perfect little city for it. On previous trips we’ve enjoyed a weekend of drinking at UpFest and a delicious trip to the Ox Bristol. But our most recent visit was by far my favourite, and I advise anyone venturing to Bristol whose hobbies are similar to mine (eating, drinking and eating some more) to try all of the following:

Pizza & Bowling at The Lanes
The first thing we did in Bristol was go Bowling. Our friends took us to a place called The Lanes; a really cool bar that not only has its own bowling alley but is also part of a Hostel called Rock & Bowl. Situated in the heart of Bristol, this part hostel, part pizzeria, part bowling alley, part music venue (with a great courtyard by the way) is perfect for anyone passing through Bristol looking for a fun place to stay, or even just somewhere to hangout for an afternoon or evening.



The bowling was fantastic! None one of this light-up, UV, glow in the dark décor with drum and bass pumping out the speakers. The Lanes simply offer an old school bowling alley for those who just want a good old fashioned game of bowling. My only complaint about The Lanes would be the system they use; you pay by the hour rather than by game, meaning that when our hour was up our scores were frozen , despite only just nearing the end of our second game. Meaning three of us didn’t get our final go and I should have won, but I lost.

No, seriously, I should have won. Sigh.



As well as serving pints and an assortment of funky cocktails, The Lanes also make and serve delicious Pizza’s that we couldn’t leave without trying. So after our abrupt end to the game, we ordered another round of ciders plus two large yummy pizza’s to share, scoffing them down whilst listening to indie tunes and watching the F1 on the big screen.

The weather played havoc that day, Sun one minute and rain the next. Fortunately the rain poured whilst we bowled and shone when we left, making the Lanes the perfect place to hideaway on a rainy day!

Browsing (and drinking) at Harbourside Market
After having another pint at a quaint little pub down a road I don’t remember, we took a stroll to the Harbourside market. Situated near, you guessed it, a Harbour, this waterfront market sells locally produced food and showcases arts, crafts and antiques. On Sundays it sells arts, records and plants, but on Saturdays it sells food, crafts and books, and I managed to grab myself a first edition copy of The Time Machine.



I was so over joyed with my purchase that we had to celebrate with a drink. And so off we popped into a rather buzzing little bar called No.1 Harbourside that overlooked the river. It had a great atmosphere as well as some weird and wonderful old fashioned chesterfield chairs.

Beef & Bourbon at Chomp
Specializing in Beef, Beer and Bourbon, it was no surprise that Chomp was packed with men; besides ourselves and another couple, the room hosted four small groups of males plus one large stag do who were kicking off their evening with steak and whiskey – and rightly so!

After ordering beers, wines, tap waters and all the rest, we got straight down to Business and ordered our food. As you can imagine, it’s all Beef (bar one veggie burger, but I’m not sure this is the place for a veggie). But seriously, it’s beef, beef, beef. There are two parts to this menu, and it’s very simple – Steaks and Burgers. That’s pretty much it, bar three starters, two desserts and a selection of sides and sauces. So I cannot stress enough, if you don’t do beef, get outta here!

We all had a complete mix, with one of us ordering the Dirty Burger and three of us ordering a different type of steak each. I went for the flat iron because it is my absolute fave type of steak. It’s served with chips and I also ordered the blue cheese sauce to slather all over my meat- nom nom nom! I also went for the spinach & mushrooms to have on the side, a girls gotta eat her greens. But to start my meal off I ordered the prawn cocktail because how could I not, I LOVE a good prawn cocktail, and by golly it was yummy. It all was. In fact let me show you how good it all was …

Warning: You WILL get hungry looking at these pictures, my stomach was crying out with hunger pains as I edited these pictures






After eating all that meat, all that stodge, all that delicious fatty food, I couldn’t possibly eat anything else … could I?

Of course I could! And so a Crème Brulee was ordered. 10 out of 10 for presentation, 8/10 for tasty goodness. This was washed down with a selection of whiskeys. And this is where I became super-duper impressed with our waiter who was able to tell us about every single bourbon on the menu (well, nearly every one). I had a Woodford Reserve because I like things sweet. I was then given a lesson by our friend Chris in how to really taste and enjoy a glass of Bourbon – the key is smell it first and then take a tiny sip, allowing the liquid to spread all around your mouth (… apparently).




The atmosphere in this restaurant was great, as were the staff and the service on a whole, and I can’t fault the food, it was delicious. And a perfect way to finish up a lovely day out in Bristol. Unfortunately I cannot advise you to do what we did next, which was head back to our friends house to play loud music and drink home brewed sloe gin – which I learnt the hard way is just a free pass to the worst hangover ever!

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