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One Night Only • Every Hotel Piccadilly

May 10, 2016

every hotel every hotel lobby IMG_8126

Every Hotel – Piccadilly
Coventry Street, London W1D 6BZ

Living in the big smoke is fantastic, but lately I’ve been guilty of spending my week nights sat at home in my PJ’s on my laptop – oh the excitement! So a few weeks ago when Every Hotel Piccadilly asked if I wanted to spend my Monday night in one of their Junior Suites* I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of Sass back into my weekday night-life. It was time to ditch the Primark PJ’s for a Plush white robe and swap my decaf cuppa for an ice cold Prosecco!

Sometimes you just need to escape your bedroom and have a night somewhere else, even if it’s in the city you live in! I love this city, but more often than not I forget I live in England’s capital and I forget about all the amazing things I have on my doorstep! And with Every Hotel Piccadilly being on Soho’s doorstep, this was going to mean a night out was on the cards. I immediately contacted my #BloggerBestie – Fashion & Fitness blogger Emma of – to invite her along. She is based in Manchester but was modelling for a hair show in London that day so the timing was perfect.

We checked into the hotel around 4.30pm on the Monday, Emma dragging along a suitcase that was big enough for a family of four (why is it us gals pack so much?) We walked through a busy china town to get the hotel, a favourite area of mine for its fantastic variety of delicious Asian food, and then quickly passed Leicester Square where I pointed out all the incredible Street artists and performers to Emma. This area of London is a busy one, and it’s patrons never sleep, so if you love the hustle and bustle of London and want a central location, this is the place for you.

Check-in was quick, easy and fuss free, perfect for impatient people like me. There was no queue, there was no swiping of cards, just a few quick questions and then we were handed our key card and told to head up to the fourth floor.


As we entered our suite I was chuffed with the size. I’m sick of staying in hotel rooms where the bed takes up the whole room, leaving a tiny perimeter of space to squeeze through. The fact that there was a lounge area plus an area for us to do our make-up, put a huge smile on our faces. On the Chester drawers below the TV sat a little card to welcome us to the hotel, and beside it a little box with a cake from L’eto inside, a local café that sells delicious handmade treats. I thought this was a really lovely touch (well, drunk me certainly did when I scoffed the whole thing at 2am!)

The Every Hotel rooms can seem a bit pricey at first glance, ranging from £180 to £390 per night depending on size and suite. BUT, not only is this becaiuse of it’s central location, but because Every Hotel like to include EVERYthing in the price. All room prices include wifi, a fully stocked soft drink mini bar, a Nespresso coffee machine you can help yourself to (loved this!) a smart TV, plus access to the gym. The bigger the room, the more extras you get, such as free Beer and Wine in the suites and Mr Big style Bathrobes and plenty of extra space to invite friends over for a party (which we did!)

IMG_8132 IMG_8149IMG_8131

As someone who has to deal with having a teeny tiny bathroom at home, with a teeny tiny shower that leaves little room to move around in (leg shaving is nightmarish) I’m always praying to the Hotel Gods that I land a big bathroom. And the Every Hotel didn’t disappoint. With it’s spacious rainfall shower and clean bright white décor it was the ideal bathroom for me. And best of all the Rainfall showers are a feature in every room (unless it has a bath) – impressive!
Every Hotel Piccadilly BathroomIMG_8144

Unfortunately, the one thing the room price doesn’t include is Breakfast *sad face* but it’s only about £10 extra to add on to your room cost and soooooooo worth it, trut me. A disheveled hungover me very much appreciated being able to help myself to as many hash browns as I wanted the morning we checked out. The Breakfast Buffet runs until 10.30am and has everything you need; sausages, bacon, eggs, beans and hash browns for those nursing a hangover, croissants and toast for the continental lovers and fruit and cereal for everyone else. Plus all the usual juices, teas and of course coffee (or a latte for me)IMG_8134

That Monday night also marked the beginning of my last week as an official ambassador for Zizzi’s, so it only seemed right to head to one of their restaurants for a big slap-up meal with some friends of ours. After drinking a bottle of Prosecco in our Suite whilst listening to music on YouTube via our 48″ Smart TV, we used our big bright bathroom to put on some make-up and then headed out to the Zizzi’s in Central St.Giles which is just ten minutes from the hotel and sits right in between Soho and Covent Garden.

Within five minutes of arriving the table was stocked with beers, white wine, red wine, and even Gin cocktails which Zizzi’s have added to their menu. With there being seven of us we decided to pig out and not only ordered copious amounts of starters, a main each, plus loads of desserts, but for some reason we just continued ordering more and more wine, turning our Monday into a rather manic one!

We Are ZizzisIMG_8146 IMG_8140 IMG_8143 IMG_8142IMG_7684

Yup, it certainly got manic, with Zizzi’s leading to drinks at the Alley cat and the Alley Cat leading to shots at Crow Bar. It’s not like me to get so, ahem, Jazzy on a Monday night, but I was very much enjoying being a tourist in my own city and was most certainly taking advantage of the fact that I could avoid getting an Uber and instead just roll right into our suite in Every Hotel. And the beds we slept in were so comfortable, so much so that I slept straight through the night, nearly missing my alarm for breakfast. Nearly, but not quite – nothing could get in the way of my hash browns on a hangover!

If you want a hotel in central London that is an all-round simple hotel offering a straight forward and easy experience (i.e. no extra charges and swiping of a debit or credit card before you’ve even got your key in the door) then I definitely recommend Every Hotel. It’s perfect if you’re in the area to see a West End show and it is surrounded by things to do and places to go, from landmarks to museums to incredible restaurants. I’m not sure you need to splash the cash on a suite, the standard rooms are spacious enough (see picture below) and they are nice enough if your just popping into London on a budget. Of course if your booking a room for a celebration or special event, then book a deluxe or junior suite for that little bit extra pizazz (not to mention the free beer, wine and who can resist a plush white robe?)

Every Hotel Piccadilly Standard room

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