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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Flat Lays

May 9, 2016

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Last week my Sister got married. As Bridesmaid, Sister and Best Friend to the Bride, I assured her I would be there for her on the morning of her Wedding, to help with whatever she wanted or needed me to do. I was ready and willing to do babysitting, breakfast fetching, hair pinning and more.

But what did she want? Flat lays. Lots of pretty wedding flat lays for her IG.

I have to say this was the best bridesmaid duty ever. As a lover of photography, an instagram obsessed blogger and a flat lay advocate, I took this task VERY seriously and was extremely proud of the images I created. So proud that I have decided to share the images with you guys and anyone else out there that might be considering doing something similar for their special day.


Plan Ahead
The morning of a Wedding can be pretty chaotic, so winging it might not be the best idea. Instead, spend a little time the night before writing a list of shots you want or particular wedding items you want in the photo.

Set Up
Either the night before or early that morning, gather all the items you need and place them near or close to the area where your photo shoot is taking place. Running back and forth to grab the items will be manic and tiring. Use the list you created the night before to tick off what’s done and keep an eye on what items you have – trust me, you don’t want to be responsible for losing the Brides jewellery on the morning of the wedding!


Think outside the Box
There are the obvious Wedding items you will want to include – the shoes, her ring, flowers – but what else could you include? I added the underwear, the planner my Sister had used to plan the whole thing and even her phone which was in theme with the wedding. Other unusual items could include the newspaper with the wedding date on, or how about a cup of tea or coffee, her last as a single woman. Maybe you could spread out some confetti around the items? Be creative!

iPhone or DSLR?
I used my SLR because I have a wireless sim card that can send the images to my phone (oh em gee it’s the best thing ever, especially if you can’t quite afford anew fancy wireless camera but love having professional beautiful photos on your Instagram – I use this one) but if you don’t have an SLR, you can still use an iPhone or phone camera, you just need the right tools, which brings me to my next two points…


Lighting & Background
Try and get as much natural daylight as you can. I took all the photos on a table right next to a huge window that let all the light pour in. And white cloud actually works better than bright shinning sun because there is less chance of shadows being cast in the photos. Whatever you do, don’t take the photos in a dark room or try and use an iPhone flash, that is a flat lay sin! You need natural lighting and I thoroughly advise either a light coloured or white background – I just used a white table cloth.

Height & Angle
The best flat lays obviously come from a bird’s eye view. Yes this can be difficult, especially with a DSLR, with an iPhone it’s easy, but with a proper camera it can be tricky. Try and get as much height as you can; with all the items laid out on a table, I used a chair to stand on for height. But if you don’t have this option or are worried you will fall and break your leg (might not be worth the risk on a Wedding day!) then try laying all your items on the floor and stand above it.

afterlight before after

Editing (Afterlight)
Everyone has that one photo editing app they love and for me it is Afterlight. I transfer all my images from my camera to my phone and they go straight on Afterlight for all the finishing touches. I brighten them, sharpen them, up the contrast slightly and sometimes add a medium tone or highlight tone ( I find blue is better as it can make a slightly white background become pure white). I rarely use filters anymore, but if you like your filters Afterlight has a bunch of fantastic ones. I actually do not know what I would do without this app!

And there you have it! Follow these steps and you should end up with some really lovely Wedding flat lays for your blog, IG, Twitter or just to add to your album to remember the little items and the morning of the wedding.

Here are a few other pics I snapped up on the morning of the Wedding using my DSLR, natural lighting and the Afterlight app…

wedding morning Wedding morning 2 Wedding morning 3IMG_7859

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