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7 reasons Bloggers love Snapchat more than YouTube

May 3, 2016

I love YouTube. I can spend hours watching funny fails, daily vlogs, make-up tutorials; I even have my own YouTube channel which I try to upload videos to whenever I can. But in all honesty, these days I am all about the Snapchat!

Once thought to be nothing but a โ€˜sextingโ€™ app that would surely just be used to send one-off nude pics (eurgh!) it has actually become a great vlogging tool for those that actually donโ€™t tend to vlog. Iโ€™ve noticed a lot of bloggers who donโ€™t do the video thing and donโ€™t have a YouTube channel, have surprised us all with intimate snapchat stories, filming themselves on a regular basis through short snaps piled together to create a story.

I can totally understand why bloggers who donโ€™t vlog have chosen to jump on board the snapchat train; I too have become quite obsessed with this handy app, and have recently been leaving my vlogging camera at home and opting to snapchat instead! And here is whyโ€ฆ.


Itโ€™s quicker, easier and A LOTย less work
Vlogging is awesome, but the part I hate is editing. Iโ€™m a crappy editor, I use a crappy FREE software because I have no idea how to use the fancy ones, and no matter how hard I try, Iโ€™m never loving the end result because my vlogs never look as professional as the others that are out there on YouTube.

None of that matters on Snapchat. Not only is EVERYONES snapchat story going to be phone-camera quality and shot lengthways, but there is no editing to be done (unless you count filters which takes two seconds). Itโ€™s literally a case of point, shoot/film, press send and DONE, itโ€™s out there for the world to see.

No pressure on views
No-one but you can see how many followers/subscribers you have, no-one but you can see how many people view your story (and it only has 24 hours before Snapchat deletes it anyway). Only you can see all these details, because itโ€™s just not that kind of platform

I feel like on YouTube there can be a lot of pressure and nerves about โ€˜What if no-one watches? What if I only get 10 views?โ€™ Snapchat doesnโ€™t have any of that BS. Itโ€™s about creating a fun photo or quick video and sharing it with the people you want to share with it โ€“ whether that be just your friends, just the one friend, or all your followers.

No nervous chit chatting to a camera
I have very little confidence when it actually comes to vlogging. Iโ€™m basically crap at holding a camera at armโ€™s length and talking to it as I walk down the street. Meaning that my YouTube vlogs usually end up more like montages with little or no face to camera action. I love a good montage so thatโ€™s fine, but during a vlog I would actually like to tell you where I am, what I am doing, what I am eating etc. But I get too nervous in public and panic that people are looking at me like Iโ€™m a weirdo (even though I know I shouldnโ€™t care).

But when Iโ€™m snapchatting I can totally do it! I have no problem walking down the street and filming a snapchat on my phone, or talking to my phone camera explaining what Iโ€™m eating and where I am, because it just looks like Iโ€™m Facetiming!

snapchat tips

There is no money to be made (and that isnโ€™t a bad thing)
Iโ€™m sure much like a YouTube ad, brands could probably pay you to snapchat their product or you could do a sponsored snapchat of some sort. But in terms of being paid for ad clicks and ad views โ€“ that wonโ€™t happen on Snapchat because there are no ads (and letโ€™s hope it stays that way). Yes unfortunately that means that unlike YouTube you canโ€™t make any money, but honestly who cares about that anyway? Iโ€™m kind of sick of everyone assuming that people who make YouTube content just want to be rich and famous and want to do it the easy way. Nope. A lot of us just want to create interesting and exciting videos. Not having ads or the option to make revenue on Snapchat kinda cuts out all that bull crap and means that everyone is doing it purely BECAUSE THEY WANT TO.

It brings you closer to the bloggers & vloggers that you love
Twitter made us all feel that little bit closer to the people in the media that we know and love. But Snapchat took it one step further by allowing us to actually peek into their lives. Or in some cases you can do more than peek, you can pretty much see what they do every day. There is no better example of this than Travel Blogger Janet Newenham, also known as JournalistontheRun. She was the first person I saw to treat Snapchat like her personal vlogging tool. Iโ€™ve watched Janet travel the whole of Thailand, from island hopping to city exploring, and yesterday I even watched her show us how to cook food at a Koreon bbq, in Korea, all told through video snaps.

Another example of this is Rosie from, Iโ€™d never even heard Rosie speak before I found her on snapchat. She has always stuck to blogging over vlogging. But once I added her on Snapchat I was taken into the Behind The Scenes (#BTS) world of thelondoner, watching her jet off as she jetted off and listening to her tell us what she was eating, pretty much as she was eating it. Okay, I know that last sentence sounds really creepy, but I just mean that sometimes itโ€™s nice to receive a more personalised snap/video of whatโ€™s happening in real time, rather than reading about it two weeks later. And that is what I am trying to achieve through my snapchat too. Every adventure I go on now, I aim to vlog it all via Snapchat as itโ€™s happening.

But donโ€™t worry, you can still upload to YouTube
There are of course a few cons to Snapchatting. As I mentioned, stories are only available for about 24 hours and then they are forever gone, and snaps sent to friends can only be viewed the one time. But there is always the option to screen shot pictures, and if you really liked your snapchat vlogging skills or felt proud of a story, you can save it by pressing the three dots next to it and then click the arrow pointing downwards to download it. That way if you wanted, you could just upload it your Snap story to your YouTube channel.

And finally, the Filters are freakinโ€™ awesome
Some are dam right hilarious, whilst others are adorable. Whether youโ€™re sending a quick snap to a friend, or hoping to make your followers laugh, there are some really awesome filters to be used and Snapchat are constantly changing and updating them so that it never gets boring.

I still fully intend to vlog for YouTube, especially when it comes to big trips and events. But Snapchat has become a much bigger priority for me, and much less hassle!

How do you use Snapchat? A bit of fun with friends or are you taking followers on all your adventures? Let me know in the comments below.

Before I go though, I have to share with you some Snapchatters you MUST follow:

Janet of Journalistontherun. Username: JanetNewenham
Follow if you enjoy long, in-depth snapchat stories from around the world that literally make you feel like you are travelling with the snapchatter

Rosie of Username: RosieLondoner
Follow if you like your snap stories with a side of Luxury and a dollop of GLAM

Lucie of Username: LucieLovesSnap
Follow if you love finding out about new foodie places. DO NOT FOLLOW if you suffer hair envy easily (itโ€™s just NEVER out of place)

Stuggy Bear of, well, surely we all know the Viner Stuggy? Username: StuggyBear
Follow if you like watching completely daft videos of pugs, cats, and a grown man terrorising his wife and her family

Zoe of Username: ZoeLondon
Follow if you love artistic shots and fab footage of a fashionista living it up in London town (as well as other awesome destinations)

And ME! Username: TinkJayne

Have you got any Snapchat recommendations?

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