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Brunch Food

Sunday Brunch at Moose Coffee

April 29, 2016


Moose Coffee – CrosbyΒ 
157 College Road, Liverpool, L23 3AS

I may be living in the big smoke, but I have been LOVING my home city of Liverpool recently. With my Sister getting married there next month I have been visiting quite a lot, and every time I go I feel like I discover another reason to abandon London and move back up there. Last weekend it was Moose Coffee…

Moose Coffee not only has establishments in Manchester and central Liverpool, but surprisingly, it has a little cafΓ© in my quiet home town of Crosby – seriously, this humble little beach town I grew up in is fast becoming a very attractive place to live. A quick walk from the beach itself, Moose Coffee is a small cafΓ© offering American and Canadian influenced food, where they only serve two types of meals, Breakfast and Brunch!

The first wonderful thing I have to say about Moose coffee is about, well, the coffee! The Beard had a coke but I ordered a skinny latte and there was something incredibly tasty about it. I’ve no idea if it was Moose coffees very own blend of espresso coffee, or maybe it was the milk, or the machine, the mug, or maybe even the moose,either way it was the most delicious latte I’ve had in a long time, and I drink a lot of lattes (uses all inner strength to refrain from obvious latte pun)



Onto the food. I went down the sweet route, surprise surprise, and devoured The Phoenix, also known as the chunkiest French Toast I’ve ever seen. Seared in Moose’s very own egg and vanilla batter, this chunky brioche bread is thenΒ slathered in Peanut butter and Jam (me and PBJ have got a bit of a thing goin on at the moment) and was served with a teeny tiny adorable jug of maple syrup, which of course I poured all over my the French Toast like oil and champagne over aΒ Kardashian. BEAuuuutiful!

The Beard chose the The Lone Star Brunch; Steak patties served alongside chipolata sausages and hash browns, topped with two free range eggs (runny of course) and a grilled tomato, all served with toast. Oh and he ordered a side plate of bacon (as if he didn’t have enough to on his plate!) It looked, smelled and according to the Beard, tasted delicious.


Our total bill was just Β£20.85, not bad for two fairly large breakfasts, two drinks and a side dish! If your in the Crosby area, I absolutely recommend Moose Coffee. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations (why is this now a thing?) and it can get VERY busy on the weekends. We went at 1.30pm on a Sunday but were told it was full. The staff took our names down and asked us to return in 20 minutes. Luckily it was a gorgeous sunny day and there is Β a park just over the road (or you have the option of the beach too) so we went for a stroll to kill our waiting time. When we returned 20 minutes later we were seated straight away, served straight away and our food was brought to us quickly – we did have a bit of wait when it came to paying the bill, but it was no biggie, I was so full I was struggling to move anyway.


Want to try some Moose Coffee at home? They sell some of their yummy products online, such as theΒ Moose coffee blend of espresso coffee and their very own Maple Syrup – Click here to visit the store

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