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Dubai: An Idiot (NOT) Abroad

April 27, 2016


A few years ago I was offered the opportunity to live in Dubai for one year to take on a PR internship for a major global tech brand.

I turned it down.

Yup. TURNED. IT. DOWN. What was I thinking?

Well clearly I was an idiot!Β I made an idiotic decision more idiotic than Karl Pilkington in Peru, the only difference being he actually went abroad to go and be an idiot.

I was a very stupid and naΓ―ve 21 year old at the time. I not only had very little experience traveling and had never ventured abroad alone, but I was in a long term relationship that, at the time, felt like the most important thing in the world (oh how I wish I could give the 21 year old me a slap and explain live now, love later). I not only believed that I couldn’t go because of this relationship, but I believed every bad word everyone told me about Dubai, which in hindsight was probably a pack of lies and assumptions made by the people who didn’t want me to go, and they didn’t want me to go for selfish reasons.

Fast forward to today and yeah, obviously I have major regrets about not snapping up that opportunity. Okay maybe not major, because every step I took and every decision I’ve made has lead me to the lovely life I have right now. But sampling the Dubai life for 12 months wouldn’t have been too shabby, would it? It’s currently one of the hottest travel destinations and if I was offered the chance to spend one week in Dubai, let alone one year, here is exactly why I would grab that opportunity by the balls and say YES:

The Incredible Sights Heights
I’ve jumped off cliffs into Thai waters, I’ve been catapulted into the sky on top of a Vegas hotel and I recently ate at the edge of the highest restaurant in the UK; it’s safe to say I’m not afraid of heights. So visiting the Burj Khalifa building – the world’s tallest tower – would be an absolute must for me in Dubai. I’ve heard it’s quite a trek to get up there, with long queues and a mall to get through first, but apparently the spectacular views make it completely worth it (but one must remember to wear comfortable shoes).


Shop til ya drop!
Remind me to take a big wad of cash when I go to Dubia so I can shop, shop, shop. From huge shopping malls to busy souks, there is nothing you can’t buy in Dubai, they even host shopping festivals! The two major shopping events are DSF in January and DSS in the summer, these are not to be confused with our crappy DSF sofa sales that never end, no, far from it. DSS, short for Dubai Summer Surprises, runs for a month and is very family oriented, offering incredible shopping deals and discounts for everyone and it also runs Fashion shows, fun events and even concerts.

instagram dubai

It’s an Instagrammers Dream
I imagine Dubai to be a place where an SLR is a must, but you can leave the filters at the airport. From architectural images and incredible city views, to pictures of the soft sandy hills, not to mention the stunning beach shots; a trip to Dubai is sure to rack up a mighty collection of beautiful photographs for any instagrammer.


…and an Adrenaline Junkies Dream
Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Race Car driving, Jet skiing, Hot air ballooning, skiing (!), shark diving, dirt biking, Dessert Safaris and even swimming on an actual shipwreck *aaaand breathe*Β these just some of the activities you can do in Dubai to get your heart racing and blood pumping.

sex and the city 2 abu dhabi brunch

Brunching Dubai style
Apparently brunches in Dubai are a completely over-indulgent affair involving eating and drinking as much tasty food and drink as you possibly can with the meal being around seven or eight courses (let’s just take a moment to remember that I turned this lavish lifestyle down *facepalm*) Friday is the popular Brunch day and has almost become a Dubai tradition. There are hundreds of incredible restaurants to choose from and with so many different nationalities choosing to call Dubai home, this city isn’t short of diversity when it comes to food.

Looking at all the above it’s easy to see that I am a complete and utter idiot for not grabbing that opportunity. But missing that chance to live as an expat in the city of Dubai has only made me super keen to go and sample the emirate lifestyle as tourist, hungry for Dubai food and culture!

Have you ever been to Dubai? Thoughts?Β What are your Dubai must do’s??

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