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Birthday Breakfast at Duck & Waffle • London

April 19, 2016

Duck & Waffle London 5

Duck & Waffle London 10

Duck & Waffle
110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
Dress Code: Casual Elegance

Anyone who believes Birthdays are just for kids is really missing out. There are 365 days in the year and you are gifted just one of those days to celebrate you, your life and how bloody fantastic you are. So you shouldn’t be dismissing it, shrugging it off, or whining that you’re getting older, it’s a privilege denied to many and so you should be celebrating. This is why when it comes to my Birthday I feel no shame and no guilt in making sure I spend it doing whatever I want to do. And this year I wanted Duck & Waffle.

I’d read all I needed to read about Duck and Waffle to know that I wanted to spend the morning of my birthday stuffing my face there. And with it being the highest restaurant in the UK with spectacular views of London I had a feeling this place wouldn’t disappoint.

Duck & Waffle London 6

Situated at the top of the Sushi Samba Building on Liverpool street, you have to take a rather speedy elevator to get up to the 40th floor, one so speedy that my vertigo-suffering boyfriend nearly passed out! As I stood right next to the floor-to-ceiling glass window snapchatting our swift journey upwards, feeling like we were about to exit the building Willy Wonka Glass Elevator style, the Beard was clinging onto the wall in fear (if you saw my Snapchat you may recall hearing him shout a lot in the background). Yeah maybe this restaurant isn’t the best choice for those with a fear of heights, sorry Beard.

Our reservation was at 10.15am, but it may interest you to know that this place is actually open 24/7. Apparently you can catch a great sunrise there, and I would have loved to have eaten my waffles with a beautiful side of daybreak, but I didn’t fancy making the dark journey from West to East at 5am. Maybe I’ll head back for a Duck and Waffle sunrise in the winter when the Sun enjoys a lie in.

Duck & Waffle London 7

If you are going alone or in a pair, good news, all the tables for couples or singles are placed around the perimeter of the restaurant, meaning you are basically sat next to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows getting the best view of London (not so great for people like the Beard who are afraid of heights, but he dealt with it pretty well). If you are in a large group of five, six or more, you are likely to be sat in the middle of the restaurant. You won’t get the window view that the couples get, but you do get to sit in one of the classy booths that look super chic and super comfy. Then there are lots of freestanding tables inbetween, but if you’re concerned about seating maybe a request a specific table when you book.

Duck & Waffle London 8


We sat down at our table for two with our jaw-dropping view of London (the Gherkin was practically having breakfast with us) and ordered a round of mimosa’s. The drinks were with us in no time at all, in fact the overall service at Duck and Waffle was fantastic – super quick and very friendly.

We did our usual breakfast routine – him savoury, me sweet – by ordering The House Breakfast for the Beard, and a Waffle dish called The Full Elvis for me. We kinda dodged the duck, which felt a bit silly since we were dining at Duck & waffle, but I NEEDED the sweet stuff. And the Beard did get a Duck egg with his breakfast, so that kinda counts.

Waffles & cream, syrup & pancakes, fruit and French toast – I LOVE a sweet breakfast. So I honestly can’t even explain my reaction when they put this down in front of me…

Duck & Waffle London 3

Duck & Waffle London 2

Let me explain exactly what you are looking at. At £15, The Elvis is two waffles covered in peanut butter and jam, banana brulee, chantilly cream and ALL THE BERRIES, plus a sprinkling of … I don’t even know what, but they taste incredible. And they certainly weren’t stingy with this dish, there was so much of it that I actually couldn’t finish the it (something I’ve regretted and found hard to accept since *cries*). This was hands down the best sweet breakfast I have EVER had. I often rave about a chain of cafes in South East Asia called Joma where I ate the tastiest waffles. Well, sorry Joma, Duck & Waffle just kicked your arse!

Duck & Waffle London 9

The House Breakfast gobbled up by the Beard included a Lincolnshire sausage, dry cured bacon, roast tomato, mushrooms, a hash brown, Scottish black pudding and a Cheddar & buttermilk scone. According to the Beard it was as tasty as a cooked breakfast can be, however it wasn’t worth the £15 price tag. And even just looking at it, I have to agree. I’m sure it’s top quality grub but there doesn’t seem enough of it to charge £15.

However, I would happily pay £15 to eat The Elvis again, especially whilst enjoying that incredible view, which I kinda feel like is what you are partly paying for. Basically I don’t think Duck & Waffle is a great choice if you just fancy eating your average cafe breakfast (they charge £9 for beans on toast which seems a bit ludicrous). When you dine at Duck & Waffle you’re going to splash the cash, so I advise trying something unusual or wild. There is of course the obvious, Duck on waffles, then the not-so-obvious, such as Smoked Salmon Royale on Waffles, not to mention plenty of mouth-watering non-waffle dishes I saw wander past me on plates.

We spent over £60 on our Breakfast, with both breakfast dishes being £15 and each Mimosa being £15 (plus service charge). Yes, it’s a hell of a lot more expensive than our usual fry up at our local, but it was a special occasion and by golly it was (mostly) worth it. Not only for the stunning views, the incredible service, the beautiful presentation and the exhilarating Willy Wonka Glass Elevator, but because I will be dreaming of those sweet, tasty, creamy, PJB waffles for months to come, and will forever be looking for a Breakfast to top it.

Duck & Waffle London 4

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