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The Monday List No.5

April 4, 2016

HAPPY MONDAY and Helo o Gymru. (That’s Hello from Wales …. I think)

I’m currently in North Wales, the Prestatyn/Rhyl area to be precise, taking a little break from city life to a) get a few chapters of my book written and b) be joined by some friends later for much needed catch ups, drinks and general fun times.

But anyway, I haven’t blogged in ten days, what the fudge!?

Actually I do have a very good excuse – Easter weekend I had my Sisters Hen Do in Liverpool which was basically a three day celebration, followed by some wonderful family time on Easter Sunday & Monday. And then I needed a week just to recover from it all. You know when you organise a big event, and it’s so so so hectic, that when it’s over you actually feel drained? Well that happened. You may have seen me tweet a message about not bothering with any blog posts for the week. It is so rare for me to do that, but in all honesty I just wanted a few days to do nothing but chill out with my boyfriend and just sleep, eat and have Netflix binges.

So that I did.

But I did some other stuff too, here is a bunch of AWESOME things that have been making me very happy over the past two weeks.

Date night with the Beard
I need to reinstate date night, like regularly. The Beard has been so busy with work recently, and I’ve been off gallivanting or busy at blogger events, and even though we live together and go to bed in the same bed every night, it can sometimes feel like it has been days since we have hung out properly. So before I headed to Liverpool for Easter and him to his Parents, we had a good old fashioned date night at our local Zizzi’s where we stuffed our face with delicious food and chatted the night away.

Flights to South America are BOOKED
You may remember a while back I went to a blogger event with LAN & TAM airlines, and won Best Tweeter, bagging myself flights to South America to go and write for the LAN & TAM travel site Well, the flights have finally been booked – Woohoooooooo – so I can now start planning my route and saving all the pennies I can for this incredible dream trip. I am so grateful to LAN & TAM for this opportunity and cannot wait to delve into the world of solo backpacking for six weeks. Roll on October when I head to Peru to start my journey.

This incredible Hen weekend, which I organised singlehandedly (and yes I am quite proud of that) made me super-duper happy. Everything went so smoothly and everyone seemed to have a great time. We were booked into two awesome Liverpool apartments in the city, including a Penthouse where we had our own little sleepover style party on the Friday night. There was Pizza, PJ’s, Prosecco and drinking games of course. For the Saturday daytime we did a sailor girl Scavenger hunt on the Liverpool Albert Docks that my Mum and I actually made ourselves (blog post coming soon with all the details on how you can do the same!) My Sister has so many different groups of friends, I was worried we would have personality clashes, or that people would just stick to the groups they know, but all 15 of us got on so well, I defo made some fab new friends and we can’t wait to all be reunited at the Wedding.

Afternoon Tea at my Favourite Tea Room
Before all the madness of #TheJenDo kicked off (i.e the blow-up willies, downing of chilli shots and toasting ‘Lets Get Shipwrecked’ with every drink) my Sister and I had a rather civilised date with our Mum and our two Nans at Annies Tea Rooms in Crosby, Liverpool. I’ve already blogged about this amazing place several times, so I won’t bore you again with the details of how delicious the cakes are and how pretty the décor is, but as you can imagine, my two hour tea session with my lovely family made me happy in a way I can’t even begin to describe!

Dinner & Cocktails at The Old Blind School
So I plan to do a full blog post on this amazing Liverpool restaurant where we had #TheJenDo dinner in our own private room, but I had to give it a mention here too. Although there were a few hiccups along the way and on the night, I was super impressed with the food at The Old Blind School, not to mention the cocktails (which were 241!) and the incredibly stunning décor. I absolutely recommend this place for anyone looking for somewhere glam to dine in Liverpool.

The Babymetal Playback Party at Yo! Sushi
On Wednesday evening I attended the new Babymetal album launch at Yo! Sushi on London Southbank – so basically a dream event for me. I love Babymetal, their a Japanese girl group who belt out catchy tunes with a heavy metal band absolutely killing it. And I LOVE Sushi, especially Yo! (as you can probably tell from THIS popular vlog of mine). I took the Beard along with me who is a big fan of Babymetal. We got to stuff our face with as much Sushi as we wanted, as well as sample some of the new dishes from the Yo! Sushi menu, whilst listening to Babymetals awesome new tunes. Can I do this every Wednesday please?

Southbank Strolls
Afterwards we went for a walk and a talk (the good kind!) along South Bank where the sky was simply stunning. So stunning that I couldn’t resist whipping out my SLR to snap up the moment. 

Oriental Delights
Asia has been on my mind A LOT lately. Quite a few people I follow on Instagram are over in China at the moment and seeing all their beautiful pictures fill up my feed actually made me feel a little China-sick (it’s like experiencing pangs of homesickness, but for China). I miss the architecture and the food so much, so on my lunch hour on Friday I popped to ChinaTown in Soho to immerse myself in Chinese food and culture. I particularly love Oriental Delight, a store that sells hundreds Asian treats from China, Japan and Korea.

Beardyman at Brixton
On Saturday the Beard and I had a bit of a double date with some friends who we went to watch a Beardyman gig with at Brixton Electric. For anyone who doesn’t know, Beardyman is basically like THE music man, you know the one from the song ‘I come from down your way, and I can play….’ he not only raps and beatboxes, but he records his voice as instruments LIVE and then puts it all together into one awesome track. It’s incredible. Anywho, we went to see him and his super squad of awesomely talented musicians, beatboxers and rappers record a live album, of which every song was improvised by a title that was submitted by members of the audience on the night. Meaning every song they played and recorded in front of us was completely made up on the spot. I’ve never been to a gig like it!

What have have you guys been upto lately?

What’s made you happy over the past two weeks? Even if it’s just one little thing , why not share with me in the comments below, I’d love to know what it is that has been putting a big cheesy smile on your face.

And once again HAPPY MONDAY! I hope this week brings you lots of Love, Fun and Happiness 

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