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How to Become a Runner (a guide for lazy people)

March 18, 2016

Becoming a runner wasn’t easy, in fact almost one year on from my first run and I’m still trying to figure out this fitness thing. One thing I’ve learnt is that IΒ have a love hate relationship with running. Whilst re-reading this blog post about running everyday (yup, every single day!) I felt like I had a breakthrough moment. I was able to establish – and accept! – that running and I love each other very much, but we also hate each other. We’re like that annoying couple who constantly row but stay together because they have the best sex of their lives!

I love it when I’m out there treading the pavements and I love how it makes me feel, but I’m the worst for motivating myself to actually do it and I can often think of less-beneficial but more relaxing things to do, like, er, nothing. Because I’m lazy, and I was born lazy, it’s in my genetic code (Thanks Dad) and yes I do believe you can be born with a lazy gene. But I also believe that you can do something about it, if you’re willing to try. Which is what I did last year.

It wasn’t easy, in fact the beginning bit was kinda horrible (I almost vomited after my first run, true story) but that’s because I didn’t research how to ease myself into and I didn’t have a fellow lazy runner to offer me words of wisdom.Β So I have decided to share a few tips on how to become a runner for any lazy buggers out there who are considering unparking their bums from the sofa to release their inner fitness freak.


Buy New Stuff
So you probably have some sort of comfy baggy chocolate-stained sweat pants that you could run in. But that’s not exactly exciting is it? No it is not. Treat yourself to some pretty running gear that makes you feel good when you wear it, maybe some snazzy leggings and a pretty tank top? That way when you pop on your new outfit to go for a run you’ll feel like your getting ready for a Saturday night, minus all the hair curling and contouring and uncomfortable shoes.

Make an EPIC running Playlist
Use an app like Spotify or Apple Music to make yourself one hell of a PUMP IT UP style playlist. Pick songs that usually make you want to dance and move around and song thats motivate you. My running soundtrack is forever changing but it has had everything on there from Chemical Brothers to The Spice Girls to the soundtrack to Wicked the Musical.

Pace yourself
Woah, woah, slow down, no need to attempt a 10k on your first run, just take it easy. And DON’T try and run everyday. Why don’t you just start off running one mile twice a week? Then you can slowly add on more time or distance as you go. You have to pace yourself at the beginning, if you push too hard or run too fast, you will end up out of breathe too quickly, possibly injuring yourself and you’ll hate the whole experience and that will be the end of you trying to become a runner. Take your time and you might enjoy it.

Reward yourself
As a lazy person it’s really hard to motivate yourself to go out for a run when you also have the option of staying in, lying horizontally and eating an entire bar of chocolate whilst watching Netflix. So set yourself goals such as Run two miles this sunday or Run at least twice this week and reward yourself for every challenge you complete. Maybe you treat yourself to a new nail varnish, or that extra pint in the pub on Friday, or maybe even just treat yourself to a big fat Netflix binge afterwards. As time goes on make your challenges bigger, and the rewards too.

Oh andΒ For Godsakes warm up!Β Failing to warm up will leave you very very very very sore and can lead to log term injuries. Don’t be stupid, do your stretches!

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