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The Monday List No.3

March 14, 2016

Happy Monday People!

Anyone else find that a beautiful clear blue sky is the perfect prescription for Monday Morning Blues?

I hate saying Goodbye to my precious weekend and I am forever trying tricks to make it last longer (The Beard: C’mon, Bed time. Me: Just one more episode? It’s only 11pm the weekend isn’t deadΒ yet!) But when the sunshine drops in on my Monday Morning, like it has here in London, it immediately brightens my mood and gets me excited for a fresh new week.

But before I kick that off properly, here is what was making me super duperΒ happy last week:


My #TravelexTakeover
So this time last week I was in enjoying a little getaway with the Beard on a three day trip to Berlin. And it was not only my first ever time visiting Berlin, but it was also my first ever instagram takeover! I’m already a fan of Travelex Insta page (it’s great for travel inspiration) and have followed it for a while PLUS I actually have a Travlex card and won’t leave the country without it; after my passport it’s my no.1 travel necessity and has been for the past three years. So I was delighted to be doing a takeover during my trip, allowing me to share my own images on their feed. Check out my takeover on their account –Β TravelexUK

A sausage covered in a sauce that contains ketchup and curry powder and other stuff I don’t know. I thought I would hate, but oh my lordy lord it was delicious! Especially served with fried potatoes.

Being carted around Berlin in a bed
On Tuesday morning the Beard and I woke up with a stonker of a hangover but unfortunately had to check-out our hotel (nooooooooo!) All we wanted was a bed for a few hours. Fortunately I found one, in the form of a tuktuk, yes a bed tuktuk. You hop in, the driver TUKS you in (see what I did there) and then off you go to see the sights whilst lying back all cozied up. I was beyond excited when I found it and of course jumpedΒ in. Unfortunately when the driver took me off in the bed (oo er) to find the Beard, he had moved from the park bench where he had been, ahem, snoozing. Cue being driven around Berlin in a bed for ten minutes in a mad manhunt for my boyfriend.

Cheap German Beer
Whats that? €4 for a huge ginormous pint of beer that actually tastes really nice??? Yes Please.

Add me on Snapchat. Username: TinkJayne

Someone sent my Boyfriend this adorable Poop emoji (because the Beard has a Poop emoji tattooed on him, no word of a lie) and I have fallen in love with it.
No, seriously.
We aren’t allowed Pets in our building, so Poop has become our resident Pet and I have grown very attached to him.

The Arrival of Spring
I couldn’t hack anymore freezing cold nights and wearing sixteen layers when I left the house. I was so over winter. Which is why I’m so glad Spring returned to our lives this weekend. The Sun has been shining, the temperature has risen and I’ve even seen blossom begin to … well … blossom?

Wowchia Drinks
I’m trying out these new drinks called Wowchia* which are Europe’s first Chia seed drink and I am loving them. I love how beneficial Chia seeds are for your health which is why I like to add them to smoothies sometimes, but I had no idea just how powerful they are. These little bottles of cold-pressed fruit juice and hydrated chia, contain more protein than an egg, more omega-3 than a salmon fillet and more calcium than a glass of milk! How incredible is that??? See, powerful. *downs another bottle*
The only thing I will say is that as tasty as they are, the texture is a little unusual. But anyone who is familiar with downing Vodka Jelly Shots will be a pro at washing these down.

(the TV Series, not the other thing)

For anyone who is a fan of the TV series GIRLS you may want to check out this Original Netflix series. A Judd Apatow creation, this American series tells the story of Mickey Dobbs, a 32 year old single female and Gus Cruikshank, a 31 year old single male, who meet and then try dating. Set in LA, the story shows just how easy Love isn’t! The banter between these two characters is amazing to watch, and Mickey is particularly hilarious (a recovering drug addict and alcoholic whose best scene is where she screams at a guy for not giving her a free coffee). But whats even more amazing to watch is how the story unfolds, from mixed signals, bad dates and of course the continuous checking of your phone a gazillion times for THAT text to come through, it’s odd how it makes you feel. Well, how it made me feel anyway. I have been in a relationship for four and a half years now and I often joke that I can’t remember what it’s like to be single.
But watching Love I remembered everything. Maybe it’s the script, maybe it’s the acting or maybe it’s just the hilarious and sometimes painful and all-too-real situations they find themselves in, but as I watched the majority of this series yesterday evening (yup, big Netflix binge this weekend) I felt every single emotion I went through when I was single and at the start of my relationship. From the excited Butterflies you get, to the horrible knots in your stomach when you think it’s all gone down the drain.
I absolutely recommend this series, alongside the incredible two leads is a hilarious cast including Mickeys Manager, her Aussie roommate and Gus’s work friend.

Β Sunday Brunch with the girls
Brunch with my friends Lucy & Tam in Camden at the Diner was the best way to finish up the week. I was hanging badly from one too many cocktails in Clapham on Saturday, so I ordered the Hungry Man Breakfast and boy oh boy was it delicious.

How was your week?

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