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A Fabulous February • Blogger Event Round Up

March 4, 2016

inghams holidays ski 7 7

My YouTube channel so far has been a mixture of tutorials and recipes but its not hard to see that it’s mainly channel of travel vlogs; most of which include as little face to camera action as possible, think less me more ‘look at this beach’. What you won’t find on there is daily or weekly vlogs.

I’ve never been one to vlog properly or to do many Follow Me Around type videos. There are two reasons for this, the first is because it would be incredibly dull! No one wants to watch me sort through my pile of clean knickers or pair up my socks, or watch me work away aggressively on my laptop, every now and then swearing at it when it does the opposite of what I want it to do. And it wouldn’t be very interesting filming myself sat on the tube, or drinking tea or endlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed (yup, welcome to my life)

Secondly, I am incredibly nervous when it comes to vlogging in public. I’ll happily film my surroundings, and I can do a little face to camera for travel vlogs, but filming myself as I walk down the street or stand on the escalator, or order a latte at Costa? No no no no no. I have done it before, but I feel massively uncomfortable. It’s something I’m going to try and work on and a fear that I hope to try and conquer, but I have to take my hat off to all the vloggers who do that on a daily basis. I’m just not as confident as you pro’s. Nowhere near!

Oh, also, my secret third reason, I’m just crap at vlogging, like technically, just read some of my YouTube comments, such as “this is a mess” and my personal fave “worst camera work ever.” Oh Dear. But I’ve only just learnt how to take a semi-decent photo on my SLR camera, so filming on the bugger is going to be tricky.

inghams holidays ski 2

However, in spite of all the above, there is a new type of vlog I want to try out. Whilst my day-to-day life might not be entertaining viewing, I have for a while been considering Vlogging all the blog events I go to. You see back in November & December, I went to an incredible amount of seriously cool events – a mix of travel events with exotic themes, brand birthday parties, product launches and Christmas do’s – and I really regretted not filming them all. That would have made a cool video, I thought afterwards. And then I was kicking myself for not having had the idea eight weeks earlier!

BUT, it’s never too late, so I’ve decided to try out a monthly vlog, featuring all the events I attend, Woohoo!! In January the blogger scene died down, but it picked up again in Feb. In typical Tink jayne fashion I forgot to film the first, and the second was a screening so no filming allowed, but I managed it for the other two events that I was invited to. To see the I’m-still-learning-sorry-it’s-out-of-focus-and-very-shakey February vlog, scroll to the bottom. But first, why don’t I talk you through these two Fab events:

Pizza & Prosecco 4 2 3 14

To introduce us to their wonderful website offering the prettiest of personal gifts – like the ones above – put on a Pizza party for a group of bloggers, the idea being to personalise our own pizzas, aka make it ourselves entirely!

I knew we’d be adding our own toppings but I had no idea we’d be rolling out the dough as well! The event took place at La Cucina Caldesi Cookery School and we had the charming and hilarious Stef as our teacher. He not only threw around pizza dough and flour but he was throwing plenty of jokes and flirty banter our way too too (see for yourself in the vlog, you may even spot a cheeky smooch between a blogger and the chef himself, I know, so-so-so-scandalous!!) 10 7 11 13

But anyway, look how amazing my Pizza turned out (above). okay, so it looks a bit like Chicago Town pizza, small and fat, but it tasted delicious. I flattened and shaped it myself -without a rolling pin I would like to add – and then covered it with freshly made tomato sauce, Prosciutto, Mozzarella, mushrooms and topped it with rocket as it came fresh out the oven. To top the night off, we were not only treated to more glasses of bubbly and tasty wine, but we were each given a personalised gift bag, containing the following: (click to view or purchase, or watch the vlog for a closer look)

Personalised Rustic Pizza Plate
Personalised Name Cushion Cover
12 Personalised Boxed Pencils
Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Teaspoon
Cocktail-Inspired Candle
Great British Chocolate Fish & Chips


inghams holidays ski 21

inghams holidays ski 8

inghams holidays ski 15

inghams holidays ski 10

The guys over at Inghams Holidays invited me along to their cool and cosy closing party to mark the end of the Ski season. The event was held in the Ski Lodge at Montague on the Gardens London Hotel. The Lodge is adorable, the perfect venue for this kind of event. it’s a covered up outdoor area with a log fire, cushions and sofas and snuggly blankets to wrap yourself up in. And there was even a snow machine (foam of course!)

inghams holidays ski 1

inghams holidays ski 9

inghams holidays ski 14

On arrival we were offered a variety of winter drinks; there was Winter Pimms, Hot Mulled Cider or Hot Chocolate. I opted for a scrumptious apple cider although did enjoy a Baileys hot chocolate topped with marshmallows at the end of the night.

We played games such as the Ski version of Higher or Lower, in which you had to guess if the upcoming mountain was higher or lower than the previous one. Not knowing anything about mountains apart from, well, their really big, I only got five right and so lost my chance to win a prize. Doh!

inghams holidays ski 12

inghams holidays ski 11

inghams holidays ski 10

inghams holidays ski 7

inghams holidays ski 6

The best part of the night though was definitely dressing up like an 80’s skiing pro. The brightly coloured, super padded, high collared all-in-one ski suit that I tried on was the like the comfiest outfit ever and I really think it suited me. I’m now considering taking up skiing or returning to snowboarding JUST so that I have an excuse to buy one of those babies. I can’t believe I was foolish enough to wear ski pants & jacket when I went boarding. Pfft. It’s all about the onesie!

inghams holidays ski 13

inghams holidays ski 17

inghams holidays ski 20

inghams holidays ski 18

To see all the fun in action, including mouthwatering Pizzas, some cheeky snogging (oo er!) plus more foam snow than you could conjure up in a bubble bath, check out my vlog below:

Miss Decembers round up? Check out all the Christmas events I attended in this post.

What have you been upto this month? Any exciting events? Any all-in-one padded suits you couldn’t tear yourself from?

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