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The Monday List

February 29, 2016

After a pretty miserable start to the year, February threw a happy spanner in the works and completely shook things up for me. I’ve had a fantastic month and I genuinely feel like I’ve been skipping around everywhere with a big fat grin on my face. It might be something to do with working my socks off and feeling like I’m actually getting somewhere (woohoo!) as well as a fewΒ exciting trips being confirmed (eeek!) and of course the return of my blogging mojo (hurrah!)

Wanting to continue with this new hard-working, super smiley, positive-thinking, happy chappy me, and after being inspired by Little Miss Katy’s Happy Mondays Series, I have decided to start doing my own weekly Happy list. I’m going to try and publish a list every Monday of things that have made me happy over the last seven days.

It feels like such a positive way to wrap up one week and kick off a new one. It’s also a great way to share those thoughts, feelings, or even products or events that I want to blog about but don’t feel the need to base an entire post around them. So here are eight things that have made me happy over the past seven days:

1. Early Rising
Yes, getting up early made me happy this week, I know, it’s crazy, I don’t know who I am any more. Basically, I’d been complaining recently about how there were just not enough hours in the day to do everything I needed to do. But then I realised there are, it’s just that I’m sleeping through them. So I began setting my alarm super early so that I could get up to write, blog and exercise in the morning. I startedΒ with 7.15 amΒ and by Thursday I was getting up at 6.10am! This weeks goal is 6am – fingers crossed.

2. The Headspace App
A meditation app that I began doing during my brand spanking new morning routine. It’s free to try and takes just 10 minutes a day. I haven’t done it everyday, but on the days I have I have definitely been a lot more on-the-ball and productive.

3. Big Magic
Oh Liz Gilbert. You are my Wonder Woman.
This week I downloaded the Audible app and chose Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear as my free Audio Book. I always struggle to finish self-help books because I get bored, which is why I chose to listen to Liz Gilbert read it to me herself.
In a matter of days (literally three) this book had completelyΒ changed my attitude towards my writing and my blogging and has already helped me so much. For any creative types out there, from writers to artists to musicians, I cannot recommend this book enough. It is officially my bible and yes I will be buying a hard copy to keep on the bedside table.

4. DIY Pizza
PIZZAAAAAA! Nom nom nom.
So on Thursday I went to an event with and we all got to make our own Pizza. And I’m not just talking about sprinklin’ on a few crappy toppings, we had to flatten and shape ourΒ own dough base, spread on the sauce and even shovel it onto the Pizza peel which is a lot harder than it looks. The best part though was scoffing all our Pizzas afterwards, with wine, obvs.

5. Wearing a Ski Suit
So this was totally random and not something I would expect to add to a happy list, but I went to an event with Inghams Holidays on Friday night, during which I got to wear this awesome 80’s style Ski suit (pictured up top). It was the warmest and comfiest item of clothing I have EVERΒ worn and I didn’t want to take it off. I felt like Peter in Family Guy when he won’t take off his onesie (minus the electric shocks). And if I’m being honest I really felt like I was pulling it off, the colour and everything. I even considered doing a runner in it for keeps.
No, Seriously.

6. Sunshine
How amazing has the weather been recently?? We might still be freezing our socks and knickers off, but its been blue skies and sunshine all week and its not pitch black at 4pm anymore. This makes me super-duper happy.

7. Liverpool
As I’m away in Germany next weekend on Mothers Day, I travelled up to Liverpool on Saturday morning to hang out with my Mum. Once again it was beautiful weather and we had some food and Prosecco at Zizzi’s and took a lovely stroll through the city centre. Good times indeed.

8. The Martian
On my train journey back to London, I had just enough time to watch this epic movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go buy it, rent it, stream it or whatever it is you do to watch stuff these days.
I love anything space related, so a story about an astronaut left behind on Mars (which takes 18 months to get to from Earth and has no plants or water!) was right up my street. It’s tense at times, but also has some brilliant comedy moments, not to mention this movie has an amazing Disco soundtrack to it making you want to do dance in your seat.

This week I’m planning to carry on with my early mornings (I’m determined to rise at 6am, determined I tell you!) and I’m hoping to get back into my half marathon training. And then onΒ Sunday I head to Berlin for a few days. So hopefully I will have plenty of happy things to report next Monday.

Enjoy your week folks and HAPPY MONDAY!

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