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Video: The Valentines Proposal on Sydney Harbour

February 9, 2016

The Beard and I never planned to have a long engagement, it just sort have happened that way. Life got in the way, we made other plans, went on trips, holidays and ended up spending moneyΒ on other things (we’re terrible at saving!)

We’ve been engaged for two years now, it’s the anniversary this Valentines and I’ll be honest, it’s very easy to forget what being engaged actually means. Now that I’m used to being called a FiancΓ©, used to wearing the engagement ring, it just feels like a normal part of life, like being a female or having brown hair; it’s just something I am.

But whilst sifting through some old travel vlogs to edit for my YouTube channel, I found our engagement video from Australia! It’s the video he recorded as he got down on one knee, the video he tricked me with, the video that, albeit is very shaky and not the highest quality video, but records our faces, our voices and our genuine emotional reactions. As I watched this special moment of my life replay on my laptop screen a few nights ago, all these incredible feelings rushed back to me. The feeling of euphoria realising that this person I loved, not only loved me back, but wanted me to be his partner for life. I remember the shock when I realised what was happening and the joy and excitement over how he was doing it and the beautiful Sydney setting.Β Watching it back I remembered exactly what it felt like saying Yes. Not that I could even speak the word “Yes”, he literally left me speechless, I think I just about managed a nod.

(Was this really two years ago???)

These days, living together in a small flat, nagging each other about mess and constantly asking ‘why are clean clothes in the dirty pile?’, snapping at each other when we’re overtired and blaming each other for our own problems – it’s too easy to drive each other mad. But watching this back reminded me of everything we had been through to get to that point; the dates, the laughs, the tears, the arguments and of course that 11 month whirlwind of an adventure. An adventure that most certainly had a bumpy road but which ended perfectly.Β It reminded me of what it meant to be engaged and to be someones Fiance.Β 

I wondered whether to keep this footage just for us – was this a moment to keep private? Was this vlog to be filed away on my laptop and kept for our eyes only?

Well if I’m being honest, it’s a story I love to tell when people ask me ‘How did he do it? How did he propose?’ and so why not show them? Why notΒ tell a visual story? Why not let our family, friends (and of course you guys) see our proposal too? When we originally returned to the UK after our trip we had intended to dig out the footage and show our parents and our friends but we just never got round to it (one of the many things we never got round too, along with actually getting married).

So here is our little engagement story for all to see, set in the beautiful Sydney Harbour, on February 14th 2014, complete with cringey romantic music, a few tears, and … erm, lots of seagulls!

Disclaimer: This particular footage was shot on a low-quality setting of an already low-quality camera that the Beard insisted buying in Vietnam *rolls eyes* And due to the excitement of it all, the footage is very shaky. PLUS, I’m like the worst video editor ever, so bare with the poor quality editing (and the slight essence of romantic cheese!)

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