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Win a £40 Zizzi Gift Card [closed]

February 2, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know about my love for Zizzi Ristorante and you will have noticed that last week I announced that I am once again to be an ambassador for them *jumps for joy and does a little twirl*.

This makes me greatly happy because I just LOVE the food at Zizzi’s – not to mention the drinks – and as an ambassador it is basically my job to tell you guys how awesome these restaurant are. And what better way to do that than for you to get down to Zizzi’s yourself to try it out all their delicious food??

I’ve already done some tweeting about their yummy cocktails and instagrammed their oh-so-delicious Salmon main, but today I’m kicking off a Giveaway for one of you guys to win a £40 Gift Card to spend at Zizzi’s. This could be used for a girls night out enjoying cocktails and nibbles, or perhaps be used for a Valentines meal for you and you’re partner. Here is a taste of what to expect…

A photo posted by Tink Jayne (@tinkerbelljayne) on

A photo posted by Tink Jayne (@tinkerbelljayne) on

A photo posted by Tink Jayne (@tinkerbelljayne) on

There are two steps to this Giveaway, both as easy peasy as each other. Full T&C’s can be found underneath these simple steps:

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    Complete your entry by using the Rafflecopter below

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions
    -All entrants must be subscribed to this blog via email and following me on Twitter for the entry to be valid
    -All entries will be checked and any false entries will be removed
    -The winner will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter and their email will be double checked against the email subscriptions to this blog
    -Unfollowing via Twitter and unsubscribing to this blog will make your entry invalid (and will also make me super sad *sniffles*)
    -The giveaway will run from 2nd February 2016 until 12th February 2016
    -The prize cannot be exchanged, swapped or refunded
    -The prize will be sent directly from Zizzi, via email, in the form of an e-voucher which can be used straight away
    -The winner will be contacted by myself via email before being sent the e-voucher in order to confirm the prize. If no reply has been received after 21 days from the initial contact another winner will be randomly selected. (Please check spam and junk folders for an email from myself Tink Jayne)
    -The Zizzi e-voucher will have a balance of £40.00 and is valid for 18 months. Failure to use the voucher within the 18 months means it will lose its value and return to a balance of £00.00. (Please check spam and junk folders if the e-voucher doesn’t arrive straight away)
    -Should the e-voucher/email be deleted by the winner, this is not the fault of myself, and I am under no obligation to provide replacements

    That’s it – Simples!

    Best of luck, and why you’re here why not drool over a few more Zizzi foodie pics…