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Nine things you should do this February

January 31, 2016
Pancake Tuesday

Watch Groundhog Day
February 2nd is Groundhog Day, so why not give it a watch? How about 10 times in a row? Sky Movies Comedy have scheduled this movie to play on repeat from 6am until 1am the next day. Now that is some awesome scheduling! But if a) you work all day or b) can’t afford Sky TV (yup, thats me) and you live in London and fancy yourself a bit of a Groundhog date, then the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square will be playing Groundhog Day at 8.30pm. But don’t worry they’re just playing it the once. Entry is £7.50.

Go to a David Bowie Tribute ON ICE!!
Another one for the Londoners, Ally Pally Ice Rink will be hosting a tribute night to the late Musical legend David Bowie. On February 5th DJ’s Feeling Gloomy will be playing out Bowie’s back catalogue for a night of dancing on ice, and best of all 50% of all money made on the night is being donated towards Cancer Research. For more info click here.

Eat your body weight in Pancakes (I certainly intend to)
February 9th, Pancake Tuesday, one of the best dates in the diary. This is a must for February. Whether you’re staying in and making your own, including taking turns to toss (ahem) and drizzling them in lemon or sugar, or maybe your heading out for the controversial pancakes with bacon covered in maple syrup, either way you MUST eat pancakes on pancake day. I will be so disappointed in you if you don’t.

Go and watch Zoolander No.2
If you didn’t enjoy the film Zoolander, I fear we can’t be friends. This 2001 comedy about the male modelling industry was an instant hit and is one of my favourite films; I’ve watched it so many times over the past 15 years (hmm, suddenly feeling very old). So I was thrilled when it was announced they were making a second movie – Yay! But whilst most of us can’t wait for more stupidity from Derek the really, really, ridiculously good-looking male model, not everyone was happy about the news. A lot of fans wished the film had been left alone, so I imagine the pressure is on for it to be a success. Fingers crossed that when it hits our screens on February 12th, it will be just as hilarious as the original.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 
There are so many events going on up and down the country to celebrate Chinese New Year. In fact London’s China town celebrations are the biggest outside of China, and these celebrations don’t just take place on the night of New Year, there are multiple things happening across the month, both before and after the official New Year (which is on February 8th by the way). There is everything from Performances and Parades to Lantern Lighting and Chinese Brunches. To find out more about Chinese New Year 2016 click here or for celebratory events in London click here.
On the other hand if you would rather stay in, then check out last year’s post Six Ways to celebrate Chinese New Year at home.


Save some money and enjoy a Valentines night in
I love going out for food (as you can probably tell from my instagram feed), but Valentines is normally a night I choose to stay in. The past few years I wouldn’t say I have boycotted this loved-up date but I am not a huge fan of it. I refuse to go out to a restaurant to pay double what I would normally, or go for some set menu deal rather than just choose what I want. Instead, the Beard and I have become accustomed to staying in, eating some nice food, followed by snacks and a movie. And whether your single or in a relationship, I think that is honestly the best way to spend it. But then again, I am a sucker for lazy face-stuffing, PJ wearing movie nights. For other Anti-valentines ideas, check out last years Valentines post. (FYI, adorable picture above, but the Beard and I would NEVER be able to do that without crushing each other or vomiting, but a nice idea all the same).

Get ya Bake on (or Bake off??)
February is ‘Bake for Family Fun’ month, the idea being for families to spend more time together in the kitchen having fun. So whether your family is you and the kids, you and your rents, you and your fella or maybe you and your chummy housemates, why not grab the scales, the icing sugar and see what you can whip up in the kitchen?

space solar system national history museum

Visit Other Worlds
One event I am ridiculously excited about is the new Natural History Museum Exhibition, Otherworlds: Visions of or Solar Systems. This apparently incredible display explores our solar system using raw data provided by NASA and ESA and is accompanied by original music by Brian Eno. As someone who loves anything space related I cannot wait to see this exhibition and have my mind truly blown. I’ll be sharing my trip to the OtherWorlds on my blog too, so if you can’t make it down to London’s National History Museum, check back into my blog to read all about it.

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