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3 Types of (Affordable) Travel I’m yet to try

January 8, 2016

Camping in the English countryside whilst rain leaks through my tent? Check.
Kangaroo spotting whilst driving through Australia in a spray-painted camper van? Check.
Lying on a sunbed at a 4* Turkish resort with a cocktail in one hand and a fan in the other? Check.
Swinging through the Welsh Woods on a zip wire 40ft from the ground? Check.

As I look back on my many years of travel, it’s easy for me to feel like I’ve done it all. From creepy hostels to luxury resorts and mini breaks to yearlong expeditions. But I have to remind myself that there are still so many types of travel I’m yet to try. In fact Iβ€˜m not even close to ticking all the travel boxes *Panics* What about a Safari? Or flying first class? I haven’t done either of those. And the Tran Siberian Express – I have to do that at some point. Arrrghhhhh, there is still so much to do, and so little time money.

Okay, so right now I can’t afford to go training through China or sip champagne on a first class flight. Sigh. BUT there are some other types of travel I’m yet to try that ARE within my budget, and I would happily tick all three of these off my Travel To Do list:


The Disney holiday (and the Eurostar)
I’m 29 years old and I STILL haven’t been to Disneyland *sad face*

I’m not sure if this technically falls under a type of travel, but surely hopping on the Eurostar to get there does, right? Plus, visiting a Disney park is the type of holiday everyone has to go on at least once in their life.

And I don’t think it is just for kids, Disneyland is a destination popular with adults too. I’d happily queue for all the rides, get a photo with Mickey Mouse and buy myself a pair of Minnie Ears to wear for the entire trip. With Paris being just a hop & a skip away on the Eurostar, maybe I should look into a visit for 2016??


The Cruise Ship
As a child my family and I travelled to France a lot for camping trips. We always drove, opting for the ferry and I just loved getting on that big boat. My Sisters and I would either head to the cinema or the arcades or the shops. At the time it felt like the ship was HUGE and offered so much, so I imagine heading on an actual cruise ship would blow my mind (or at least the child in me). I’ve done some investigating and cruise ships these days look like some of the hotels I saw in Vegas. Rooftop pools, themed restaurants, bars and of course daily entertainment.

Another reason I’d be interested in doing a cruise is because you get to see multiple destinations in one trip. And cruising doesn’t always have to be about heading off to the Mediterranean to spend your time sunbathing on deck, Norwegian CruisesΒ stops at four beautiful Norwegian cities where you can give your sea legs a break and head off on an adventure. That sounds like my kinda cruise!


The Coach Trip
I’ve always associated Coach Trips with, well, not to be rude, but Old Folk Holidaying (I blame that awful Channel 4 programme). But now I’m well keen for a coach trip. More and more coach companies are opening up, realising there is a huge market for younger people who want to travel but don’t have the budget to fly from country to country.

Much like a cruise it’s a great way to see a number of destinations in one trip, although I guess you would be spending a lot of time sat on your bum restricted to your coach seat. But I’ve done plenty of long bus rides, so I know can hack the actual travelling side of it.

Coach tours also seem to have lots of activities crammed into one holiday. An Australian friend of mine did a European Coach trip last Summer and she not only got to visit nine countries but she pretty much ticked off half of her bucket list in the process! From wine tasting and chocolate tasting, to museum visits and cultural activities. Not to mention it’s a great thing to do solo on some of the younger aimed coach trips, I’ve heard it’s a fantastic way of meeting travel buddies. All this for one upfront price – I’m in!

What kind of travel are you yet to try?
Have you been on a cruise or a coach trip? I’d love to know in the comments below … but don’t share your Disney story, you’ll just make me jealous.