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10 Things you should do this January

January 3, 2016

Set yourself goals
If you don’t feel like setting yourself the usual oh-so-breakable resolutions, y’know lose weight, quit smoking, drink less, blah blah blah, then set yourself some real goals, ones that are actually important to you, one’s that you won’t want to give up by January 17th (which is International Ditch New Years Resolution Day). Every January for the past three years I have shared my New Year’s resolutions on this blog, telling you all how I’m aiming to travel more or I’m planning to take up yoga or learn another language. But this year I’ve not. This year I have written down a list of very personal goals that mean a lot to me and I haven’t shared them with anyone, not even my boyfriend. I’ve written them down, saved two copies somewhere safe and I’m going to work my 2016 butt off to achieve them.

Say Farewell to Christmas
No I’m not just talking about taking your Christmas decorations down and chuking them in the attic. Saying Farewell to Christmas is an actual thing and it sounds quite fun. On January 6th in the beautiful gardens of the Geffrye Museum (Hoxton, London) there is carol singing, mulled wine and Twelfth Night cake to mark the end of Christmas, as well as the ritualistic burning of the holly and the ivy. It actually sounds like a lovely way to end the festive season if your still feeling in the spirit of things. If you can’t make it to London or don’t live in the area, maybe host your own ‘Farewell to Christmas’ party? Whip out all the leftover mulled wine or mince pies (or buy some from Sainsburys who are currently selling boxes of six for 10p!!!) put on the tunes and have one last Christmas shindig.

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Plan & Book a Holiday
What can possibly be more exciting in January than booking a holiday? For me, nothing! Even if you can’t afford to book it yet, that’s okay, you’ve got no reason you can’t still plan it. I love traveling and exploring, and even the planning it all and pricing it up is one of my favourite aspects of travel (I’m a nerd like that, love a bit of research and price comparison I do). Planning a holiday now will give you something to look forward to and work towards. So, where are you thinking??

Londoners, check out Lumiere
From Thursday the 14th of January until Sunday the 17th, London will light up thanks to the biggest ever light festival coming to the capital. More than 20 artists will be lighting up the streets of London with interactive installations sure to surprise and entertain us all. And best of all the event is completely free! Find out more about Lumiere here.


Download my mates novelย 
Fellow travel blogger and my old chum, Katy of, is releasing the first of her three books this month. The series is called The Lonely Hearts Travel Club and it kicks off with book one: Destination Thailand which is released on January 21st (but you can pre-order to your kindle NOW). The story tells the tale of Georgia, a bride-to-be who is jilted shortly before the big day and so sets off to the other side of the world for a new adventure and I cannot wait to read it. Not just because I love to travel, love reading about travel and of course love a good girly novel, but because this story was inspired by true events that happened to Katy herself and I know she has poured her heart and soul into these novels. Oh, and also because Katy described the books to me as “Bridget Jones goes Backpacking” so yeah that completely sold me on them! Destination Thailand is only ยฃ2.99, and you can order all three books now with the other two available to download later in the year.

Hug Someone
Did you know that January 21st is also National Hugging day? Yup, it’s the day to spread some love and get physically intimate. Apparently when we hug someone it releases oxytocin, also known as ‘the cuddle hormone.’ It’s basically the stuff that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Psychologists also say that oxytocin promotes feelings of devotion, trust and bonding. So lets not only boost our own warm and fuzzy feelings, but lets build some warmth and devotion in others by giving out a few hugs on National Hugging Day.


Bake a Pie (orย at leastย eat one!)
January 23rd marks Pie day (apparently). Not that I need an excuse to eat pies. I spent Christmas shoveling many a mince pie down my throat. I love me some pies, whether it’s mince, fish, meat or banoffee, I love them all (but not apple, eurgh, hot apple in pastry is wrong) so I’m going to make a note to myself and set a reminder to bake myself a pie come January 23rd, but knowing me it will probably end up being a trip to Greggs, nom nom nom.

Defeat Blue Monday
There is something about the third Monday of January that apparently makes us all depressed. I image it is something to do with everyone suffering the post-christmas blues, possible new year resolutions being broken, our pay day still hasn’t come around so we are all poor AF, and the weather is no doubt wet, windy and cold. But let’s not join in with the doom and gloom this year, let’s defeat blue Monday. Why not find a cheap and cheerful solution to this poor, depressing, dull day. You could head out for a cheap dinner with your lover; Yo Sushi’s Blue Mondays are always cheap and cheerful, or Pizza Express ALWAYS has a voucher to be googled. Or call your chums round for popcorn and a comedy. Stuck in the office all day? Why not organise something in your office such as Bake a Cake day? Surely cake makes everyone happy right?

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Ladies, book a smear test
Okay, so I need to do this too, I’ve put it off for long enough and I’ve no idea why as it’s a simple procedure that could potentially save my life! So with January 24th marking the beginning of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week I think we should ALL book in for one if we haven’t already. The week is aimed at raising awareness of cervical cancer and how we can prevent it, so even if you’ve already had a smear test, make sure to remind your friends and family.

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