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My Alternative Christmas Playlist

December 20, 2015

As much as I love listening to Slade, Wizard and Mariah every year (and trust me, I really do) sometimes it’s nice to treat our ears to a few festive tunes that haven’t been played a hundred thousand times before Christmas even arrives. So I’ve created an alternative Christmas Playlist featuring songs that are often overlooked for the cheesy crimbo classics.

Mad World β€’Β Gary Jules
Probably known to others as the most depressing Christmas No.1 ever, I quite like this eerie cover of Tears for Fears song Mad World by Gary Jules. It’s not really one for dancing around the tree to, more like a song to sit down to with a hard drink whilst you reflect on your year.

Fairytale of New York β€’Β The Pogues & Kirsty McColl
Okay okay, so this has actually been played to death at Christmas time by all the big superstores who insist on playing their Christmas playlists from the 1st November. But for me, this tune still deserves a spot on my alternative Christmas list for it’s fabulous profanities and feel good vibe.

Mary’s Boy Child /Β Oh My Lord β€’Β Boney M
This was a track that I had on cassette tape and would repetitively play every Christmas as a child. I love this song. But I was gutted to find that as an adult I hardly ever hear it at Christmas time anymore. Does no one else appreciate this 70’s medley the way I do??

Baby it’s Cold Outside β€’Β Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
I absolutely adore this wonderfully welsh cover of Baby, it’s Cold Outside. It’s got a cracker of a video too and always fills me with Christmas spirit when I hear it (and makes me want to drink a little Christmas spirit too!)

Silent Night β€’Β Stevie Nicks
Silent Night often makes me feel sad, depressed and well meh. But not Stevie’s rendition. Slightly more uplifting than the usual dreary version, it has much more Christmas spirit to it.

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town β€’Β Bruce Springsteen
Recorded in 1975, this is my favourite version of Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town, it’s so much more Rock’n’Roll than the other versions with a fantastic intro.

Thank God it’s Christmas β€’Β QueenΒ 
I’ll never understand how this song isn’t played more at Christmas time. Recorded over 30 years ago, it’s a fantastically beautiful Christmas song and oozes with Queens usual feisty spirit. Thank God indeed! It will always go down as a Christmas cracker of a tune in my books.

A Spaceman Came Travelling β€’Β Chris de Burgh
This is my favourite alternative Christmas song! It was on a CD my parents used to play on Christmas morning many moons ago when I was little girl, so despite being a rather slow song, it always reminds me of happy Christmas times. But not many other people seem to recognise this as a Christmas song when I play it to them. Which is a shame as this track has some fantastic lyrics and Chris de Burgh sounds wonderful on it.

Got an unusual Christmas song you would add to this playlist?