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A whirlwind of Fantastic Mayhem

December 19, 2015

The past four weeks have been the busiest of my year. From Christmas Parties and Friends Birthdays, to Blogger Awards and Press events, it has been one big whirlwind of fantastic mayhem and I’ve loved every second of it.

I’ve headed up North to spend ten days with my family for Christmas and therefore have now ticked off all the December events in my calendar *takes a big sigh, wipes off make up, boils kettle & puts feet up* I’m really looking forward to having some quiet time; I can’t wait to hang out with my family, maybe do some baking, watch Christmas movies and enjoy cuddles with our two little dogs, Teebo & Neesha. I’m planning on spending some time on the beach for either runs or a few Winter strolls. I’m basically just really excited about having a good old fashioned family Christmas (and I’m also looking forward to at least a few days OFF the booze before Christmas commences, the past few weeks have been far too boozy)

December Blogger events tink jayne 12

But as I prepare to set up camp at my parents for a while, I couldn’t help but reflect on what an incredible and fun few weeks I’ve had. Unfortunately I don’t have time to write up every event I attend (although I do want to make more time for that) but I wanted to share with you some of my favourite events from the past few weeks…

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LATAM Airlines Blog Launch #NextStopLatinAmerica
This was one of the best travel blogger events I have been to. The event was set up by Traverse as a way for LATAM airlines to network as well as launch their brand new blog

Personally I love anything with a theme, so I was always going to love this Latin American themed event which took place at floripa, a Brazilian bar in Shoreditch. I was invited a long by Lizzy of, who I had been hanging out with the week before at these awards and this fab dinner party. We enjoyed mojito’s, caipirinha’s and the food was all traditional Brazilian grub, including the yummiest fish cakes I had ever seen. As well as an amazing presentation from two bloggers who walked, hiked, camped and kayaked their way across South America, there were also hilarious games to play and competitions throughout the night with amazing prizes to be won.

And these prizes  are the reason this event will forever be an absolute favourite of mine – I only went and won myself flights to South America *jumps up and down, squeals and does other over the top excited gestures*

I won Best Tweeter of the night using the hashtag #nextstoplatinamerica. At the time I thought I was competing for a GoPro, which is something I am currently saving up for, so I was working super hard to tweet as much as possible and tweet some awesome photos. But the GoPro was awarded for Best Single Tweet and instead I won flights, which I am in no way complaining about. I am delighted to be flying with Lan & Tam Airlines next year and hopefully go on a dream trip. This fantastic news was such a great way to end the month of November!

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#GamesontheGobgo Murder Mystery
The Joe Blogs Network put on an awesome Murder Mystery evening at Somerstown Coffee House in association with BGO games. For a Tuesday night it was pretty dam fun. After being treated to a cocktail and some nibbles, myself and about ten other bloggers were locked in a room with Agent November, to solve a murder that had taken place just moments before. Using the clues that were hidden around the room (there were a lot) we had to work together as a group to figure out which of the three dinner guests killed the victim. We basically became Agents for 60 minutes. We also got to drink wine whilst we did it, I liked that part very much.

Agent November runs various Murder Mystery nights or events in London and this is definitely something I would recommend a group of friends do. We had a right laugh working hard together to crack all the codes. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures during the detective game as we could accidentally give away potential clues to future agents. But I did get some drool-worthy snaps of all the yummy food that the Somerstown Coffee House treated us to afterwards. FYI, if you’re in London over Christmas, or even just have time to kill at Euston station, pop round the corner to this gem of a place for some mouth watering festive food that would make even the Scroogiest of Scrooges enjoy the taste of Christmas.

And I’ve clearly been on a winning streak this month as last week Joe Blogs tweeted me to say I had a won a prize for the best tweet about the event. My twitter game is strong at the moment (follow me here)

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The Three #MakeitRight Merry Birthday Party
I was invited to the Merry Birthday #MakeitRight Christmas party that Three were throwing to launch their new ad campaign. I took along my new pal cookie girl who I had met a few weeks earlier at this blogger event. Set up in a large apartment in the Hoxton in Holborn, this party was glam press event meets kids birthday party. With the idea behind the three campaign being to make it right for those born around Christmas (watch the hilarious ad above) the event consisted of party food such as chunky sausage rolls, mini burgers and they even had jelly & ice cream. There were plenty of colourful party hats, balloons galore and there were even party games such as pass the parcel, where, yes, I once again won a little prize!

It was a cracker of a night. I finally got to meet fellow blogger Katy of who I’ve followed for a while, as well as some fantastic Three staff. I not only got to leave with a little prize, but we all left with a merry birthday cake mix in our goody bag made by none other than Edd Kimber (Y’know, that bloke who won the first series  of bake off).

December Blogger events tink jayne 15

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A Christmas Curry at Spice 6
This wasn’t a blog event but is most certainly worthy of a mention. It’s been on my 30 before 30 bucket list to have an Indian banquet at a proper Indian restaurant. And so that I did this week with 12 of my chums at my local Indian in Willesden Green. I’ve been turning my nose up at Indian food for years for fear of the hot spices. But over the past few years, especially since travelling in Thailand, my taste buds have slowly opened themselves up to the idea of spicy food. I can’t tolerate a lot, but I’m getting there. I was also under the impression that ALL Indian food was hot hot hot. But I couldn’t have been more wrong as Spice 6 in Willesden Green proved to me (don’t be fooled by the name). My meal had so much flavour and it was exactly what I had been craving ever since I decided to try out Indian food. I enjoyed a delicious chicken korma along with Vegetable Samosa, an onion bhaji, mari potatoes and spicy garlic mushrooms. It was so tasty, so much flavour. I am most certainly a curry convert. My friends and I have decided that we are going to make this a Christmas tradition!

So come on, I spilled, your turn – what have you been upto over the past month? What have been your favourite events? Many Christmas Parties?? Any party gossip?