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A Recipe for the Perfect Christmas Market Experience

December 17, 2015


A few weeks ago National HolidaysΒ asked if they could send me a little hamper featuring what they considered to be the key ingredients for the Perfect Christmas Market experience. They wondered if the recipe they had cooked up would match my expectations of a fab evening at one of the many Christmas markets across Europe. As a Christmas Fanatic and a lover of all Festive Markets everywhere, of course I said Yes, and I was actually surprised at how well they matched up my idea of a great night at a Christmas Market…

national holidays christmas market blog post

Ingredient no.1 Warmth
Wrapping up warm is indeed rule no.1 when visiting a Christmas market. If you don’t wrap up you’ll freeze your Christmas arse off and won’t enjoy yourself. I recently went to the Christmas market on Southbank and I loved bundling myself up into a big snuggly ball with my faux fur jacket and my tartan scarf. And now I can add these adorable and super soft winter mittens to my cosy outfit too

national holidays christmas market blog post hot chocolate marshmallows national holidays christmas market blog post

Ingredient no.2 Hot drinks in the cool air
I love both a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows AND a mulled wine, but I have to admit, at a Christmas market I would probably go for the mulled wine. A hot chocolate is the kind of drink I would chose to enjoy whilst wrapping presents by the fire. Whereas mulled wine is my Christmas Market drink. I absolutely love the smell of it, and when I taste it, it’s like sipping on the steaming hot taste of Christmas.

national holidays christmas market blog post christmas decortionsnational holidays christmas market blog post yankee christmas candle national holidays christmas market blog post candy cane

Ingredient no.3 Festive Decorations
The decorations absolutely make the market, although I often find they are more traditional than the decorations we have at home. There is no purple tinsel or multicolored fairy lights flashing on a white plastic tree, from my experience Christmas Markets have been more old school. Their all about the big beautiful real tree’s, wooden pop up stalls, bright yellow christmas lights, old fashioned Father Christmas’s and beautiful wreaths, holly and mistletoe everywhere. And they always smell incredible; i imagine a mix of the mulled wine and the trees.

national holidays christmas market blog post

Ingredient no.4 Yummy Treats
National Holidays sent me a tub of delicious shortbread biscuits as a key ingredient to a Christmas Market experience. However, as much as I love shortbread and always eat loads at my Mums house over this festive period, when it comes to Christmas Markets I tend to choose either mince pies or gingerbread. But I guess everyone is different, my boyfriend is the opposite and I know that his key ingredient for a perfect Christmas Market experience wouldn’t be anything sweet but instead a big fat German sausage or two!

What would be the key ingredients to your Perfect market experience?

Which Christmas Markets have you visited?

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