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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December 11, 2015

When the Beard asked if I could do him a huge favour and drop off his dry cleaning at his Richmond office, I jumped at the chance. Not because I particularly enjoy running such errands and wanted to drag a suit across London, but because it was a perfect excuse to visit Richmond park.

I visited the park years ago, back when I worked not far from the area and a wrong turn in my car lead me to discover this London beauty. But after writing this article about beautiful UK locations, I’ve wanted to revisit, mainly for the wildlife and the stunning views.Β So I packed my camera, wrapped up warm in my snuggly coat and favourite scarf and jumped on the overground to Richmond (with the beards suit in tow of course).

Once I had dropped off his tux, and wished him well on his work Christmas-do, I took out my phone, opened up Google maps and headed up Richmond Hill to find the park I’d been dreaming about.


It’s about a 25 minute walk from the train station to the actual park, but such a lovely one. Richmond has all the usual high street shops, M&S, H&M, Boots, but it also lined with cute pubs, little cafes, cupcake shops and waffle houses, all looking so beautifully british on the cobbled streets of Richmond, beneath the stunning Christmas lights that hang above.

Eventually I reached the top of the hill where the park begins. I had no particular plan or route I wanted to take, but with Richmond Park being the largest of London’s parks, I knew I probably wouldn’t make a full lap, not today anyway. Maybe I would save that for the summer.

Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 7 Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 6

On this particularly beautiful Winters afternoon I just wanted to take a relaxing stroll and enjoy the nature and beauty that this incredible park has to offer. And shortly after I began my stroll, I realised I was walking in Natures very own Winter Wonderland, one even Father Christmas wouldn’t be able to resist. As the sun began to fall lower, and the air became cool and crisp, the wild Deers began to rise from their afternoon naps ready for some evening grazing. Squirrels twitched at me as I crept past and wild birds sang to me from the trees. I spotted everything from giant Crows and pretty Robins, to green & red Parakeets and even my first Woodpecker.

Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 2 Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 9 Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 3 Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 4 Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 8 Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature 1

I must have spent over twoΒ hours walking up Richmond hill and wandering through the Park. Just me, my thoughts and my camera, clicking away at the peaceful wildlife and beautiful trees. The Deers were amazing to watch, I found it so relaxing standing near them as they grazed and played together.

On my decent back down to Richmond train station, I stopped for a much needed latte (and a not so much needed Salted Caramel Brownie, but a girls got to treat herself) and I caught this beautiful pink sunset. Isn’t it incredible?

Richmond Park London Wild Deer Nature sunset pink sky

After a hectic few weeks that have involved far too much drinking, so much city life and a whirlwind of events, it was bliss to spend a few quiet peaceful hours in the park. I absolutely recommend heading to Richmond park if you’re in need of a city break, but can’t actually afford to leave the city. Put on your walking shoes, hop in the car/on the train/on the bus and head to this Amazing Winter Wonderland.