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It’s all about the story

December 10, 2015

Some of my favourite blogs to read are the ones that aren’t just informative, useful or even just pretty to look at, but the ones that are quite personal too. I like blogs that tell a story or have a little bit of narration to them. It’s great finding out about a new London bar or reading a hotel review, but I like the bloggers that also let a story unfold as you read their post.

A great example of this is ZoeLondon. Earlier this week I read a blog post of Zoe’s that was about moving house. It could have been a simple post informing us of her location change with some pretty pictures set alongside it. Instead, Zoe wrote a beautiful piece about the heartbreak of leaving the area she had lived in for so long, but also the importance of making such a change for her and her partner’s future. I even welled up when she spoke of her Nan’s funeral that happened that same week and how such a sad occasion actually shined some light on her situation due to a lovely comment made about her Nan. The post was personal, interesting, emotional, as is so much of Zoe’s content and just reading that post made me realise I want to be a better writer and a better blogger.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love writing the content I currently publish; I love doing all the lists posts, such as this one and I certainly love a good How To blog post, but I want more storytelling and more, well, me! I feel like I’ve had one hell of a year, yet I haven’t shared or documented that much of it on here. I shared my Big News in September and of course have rambled on and on about the Cosmo’s, but as I look back on my posts over the past 12 months I feel like my blog has lost that personality it once oozed with.

I used to do weekly Photo Diaries, where I spoke about my week, my work, events, what I had been upto, and funny things that had happened, but then I stopped. I think I felt like my blog needed to be a certain way, like it needed to be more magazine-like to be successful. But now I’m realising just how much I miss story-telling and getting personal on my blog. The past eight weeks of my life have probably been the most exciting eight weeks in my blogging career with so much going on and all I’ve wanted to do was share it on my blog – yet I felt like I couldn’t. It was like I was restricted. How daft is that? It’s my blog I should be writing whatever the hell I want.

And so the story telling, the narration, and some proper personality is what I want to pump back into my blog with full force. Of course I will continue doing my lists posts, my How To vlogs, restaurant pieces and all the rest. But with more flavour and personality.

Someone once told me: “It’s all about the story”. And I completely agree. I don’t really see this person anymore, but I will never ever forget her just for that comment alone. For me it is all about the story, and the adventure.

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